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"It's almost two months since I started training with the Salsa Timing exercises DVDs, one month with the Bachata series and today I just ordered a few more DVDs. These Salsa Is Good DVDs are more than fantastic, they are unique. They include all the information I couldn't find anywhere else (I searched quite a while). Precious data that help me to progress very quickly alone, at my own pace whenever I want. In my opinion rhythm is the main first element for dancing. I had a 'serious' problem with rhythm, thanks to these DVDs, I don't have it anymore. Of course a serious practice is required to get the full benefit of these DVDs. An advice: don't spend hours the first week you receive the DVD and never again after. Just put the DVD on every time you feel like it. Through time, the exercises which didn't seem interesting the first week will become interesting and bring you their benefits." (Art,

"I’m now the proud owner of the DVD’s Cuban Salsa for non-Cubanos, the Salsa Timing DVD and the Bachata DVD’s and as thanks for your good work I put a small ‘ad’ in my weekly newsletter which will published next week: (in Dutch so you will don’t understand I was writing J). In sort, it is a recommendation to buy your DVD’s!!! Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to new projects from you!!!" (Salsa Locos,

"I have to tell you that your work is the most original and unconventional out of all dance DVDs that i came across and i'm familiar with quite a few of them (most but not least salsa). ." (agrouza @ gmail . com)

"I think salsaisgood has the best online when it comes to the foundation to be able to learn salsa with confidence. Thank you´ll so much for an easy and secure purchases online" (Milton Hebbert <miltonth 198 at hotmail com)

"I want to commend on the excellent DVDs you offer through your website. Your products offer an ingenious remedy to an unfortunate gap in the market place for Latin Dance instructional material. There are seemingly countless DVDs on how to do fancy turn patterns, but almost none that actually teach you how to connect with the music and actually dance as an individual...... Your products stand out in that they focus on the music and thus promise the best path for transitioning from mechanical execution of pre-planned patterns to actually moving with the music. I am a LONG way from accomplishing my desired goals, however with your videos, I at least feel like I have the right tools for achieving my goals. Finally, I thoroughly enjoy the demonstration clips you provide in several of your videos. For example, Jeff, Rudsell, et al in your Bachata videos and Stacy, Lucy, et al in Salsa on the Spur of the Music DVD. I found their performances to be very inspiring and eye opening. Before seeing their performances, I would have been content with simply learning slick turn patterns without concern whether the movement of my body actually reflected the spirit of the music; now I aspire to actually move and flow with the music (at least ). Indeed, their demonstrations changed the way I view dancing. Thanks again for all of your help and I will continue visiting your website regularly in order to make sure I don't miss any new products you offer in the future. " (danielglab at gmail point com)

"These three DVD's [Salsa Patterns, Figures & Moves... 66 turn patterns in 3 DVDs] provide easy to follow salsa and merengue dance lessons that will never grow old. The dance steps will greatly improve your dance style. The phrases and counting method used ensure the steps are easy to follow. The most amazing feature on this DVD is the ability to program the views. This means you can view the dance steps and moves from different angles providing the means to learn better and more easily. The different views make it possible for you to see the steps and practice as if an instructor were next to you. These DVD's teach about 50 or so dance steps, which is an incredible amount of moves to add to your repertoire. As we know dance instruction can be expensive, which makes this DVD set excellent value for money. " (Giancarlo,

"I love Salsa is good because it has products that are unique comared to other websites, it's a broad base of material that covers a wide range of Mambo topics. I have had bad experiences where I have ordered dvd's from websites and never received the dvd or a refund, but when I had aproblem with my order Salsa is Good responded to all my e-mails and resolved the matter quickly, what great customer service. Thanks Fabio. I will be ordering from Salsa is good again" (wayne, waynefig at msn com)

".I am a Salsa enthusiast and have been looking in the web for good classes. I come across this site and write to contact us, and here comes Mr.Fabio who guided me to purchase few DVDs based on my level of understanding rather than wasting my time and money. I shown him one youtube video and asked him if he can tell me what it is and how to learn, without any ego he advised me to contact another mentor who is familiar with that style. Forgot to mention, after payment i was having trouble downloading DVD from there server. I was so disappointed and disturbed Mr Fabio with my emails. He was so good that he even uploaded the video to my upload link provided by me. I would say my money is worth his patience itself. I am so moved with his honesty, quick response and dedicated service."y" (raam 4u hotmail dot com)

"i have recieved my videos and they are fantastic, simply marvelous, i would definately recommend them to everyone!." (Dominique,

"Having studied the "salsaisgood" video I can only reply with a resounding.... Excellent!
It captures the sheer innovation that is available to dancers, without being restrained by unnecessary technical demonstrations. The routines where clear to follow, even in the complex patterns demonstrated
" (Steevey,

"The DVDs arrived exactly one week after you emailed me. What a feat, especially coming from Australia! Mail within the US doesn't move as quickly! Thank you for sending them so promptly" (Ana,

"I received the dvds, once again I am very happy with your products, your profissionalism and efficience." (Pedro,

"Thanks for the email. Orders received and very happy with the products and especially the service. I wish all companies had this approach to business. I look forward to hearing about any future products." (Paul,

"i got the Bachata-dvds and like it very much. I ordered all DVDs from SalsaIsGood over the years and I like the DVDs very much - a very good Quality (Recoroding and Dance Moves). For me as an dance instructor I like the Salsa with the Stars most, very interesting to compare the different styles. Keep on! I am looking forward to your next projects." (Rudi,

"having trawled the internet looking for quality, well produced salsa dvd's, simply this site is the one of few rare top quality products and the service is outstanding simply salsa is good should be any salsa person's first port of call — keep up the excellent work!" (Robin,])

"Your products are awesome!" (Saulo,

"Fabio, I monitor your activities concerning salsa and appreciate that you are always looking for new methods in teaching dancing and musicality. As your fan, I keep my fingers cross for your efforts" (Ondrej, ondrej dot durej at gmail dotcom)

"I received the DVDs and very pleased with them: they are really good in terms of quality, type of “combos” and different angles to show each move in great level of detail. The indicator of the beat is also a very good idea and I think it is one of the original ideas of your series that I haven’t seen in other videos." (Giancarlo,

"Thank you for the follow up e-mail . This the the second time I have got DVD's from you . I also bought the Salsa for non cubanos , and yes I 'am very happy with all my dealings with you . The delivery was exceptionally quick and I love the new Bachata series. I can't believe how much bigger it made the dance for me if that makes sense. I really haven't even gotten too far into them, as there is so much material there , and I have already gottten my monies worth. I 'am planning on ordering your new 2 DVD Salsa personal training series also, so I can guess you can say I 'am very impressed. I have been dancing ballroom and swing for years and have plenty of instructional DVD's and yours are by far the most unique. They really have become my personal favorites. So a big thank you to all you folks and keep up the good work !" (

"Thanks for this opportunity to relase my feedback. Sorry for my english. The DVDs that I have purchase is very interesting, probably is the best isctructional dvd that I have ever buy. If I decide to purchase another dvd, your site become the first choice. I 'm very satisfied thanks for the professionality" (Daniele,

"I really like the products that you put out. They are very good and helpful for dancers. I am definitely going to buy more products from your company" (Dennis,

"I've enjoyed all of your products and recommended them to friends" (Ken,

"tus productos son expectaculares" (

"I really think that you know what is necessary for learning salsa and are trying to do a good job. Not just to make some video of some figures and spins (and to make a big promo to sell well). I think that you are selling what you are telling which is important. ... I can say that your Salsa on the Spur of the Music, Salsa with the Stars 1+2 and Bachata Caribbean Style 1+2+3 are, simply said, beautifully made. I am really delighted. I think that you have done a very good job." (

"the service you have provided has been great. Even the follow-up e-mail is nice. The disks arrived very promptly and the transaction has been nothing but smooth" (Clare,

"I have received the DVDs and I 'am currently working on the first one. As always, the service was great and I 'am very satisfied with the DVD. I have dealt with you guys before and have been very happy everytime. Not really much to improve on from what I can see." (David, gg.46 at

"dvds received and are very good. Your delivery service and follow up is excellent, and although coming to N.America all the way from Australia, the time to receipt is better than some N.American and many European purchases. I will keep an eye on the site for the future. " (garyhoosein

"It isn´t the first time me and my coupple have bought dvds from your web page and they have always encounter our expectatives" (Inmaculada, inmafmc at gmail dot com)

"The stuff is great! (Advanced Figures, Salsa Personal Training, Bachata" (safar.sultanov at

"Everything is ok. I received everything and all your DVDs (Bachata Set and Cuban Salsa for non Cubanos) are of excellent quality and very useful" (michelefaro at

"As always , the service was great and I 'am very satisfied with the DVD. I have dealt with you guys before and have been very happy everytime. Not really much to improve on from what I can see. " (dg . 46 @

"Good morning and thank you for your continued support. The attention you have shown to me as a customer goes far beyond your attention to detail with what your product covers. You truly are a class act company" (Al, reng1230 @ aol dot com)

  Salsa with the Stars - Testimonials top

"I must say that the DVDs are absolute genius, I love them! The different interpretations of the ideas by your array of top salsa pros is a unique idea, and adds immensely to the whole thing. It will keep me busy for weeks and weeks, and I haven't been able to say that about an instructional DVD for a long time!! (Jamil,

"Thank you very much, I got the DVDs, I must say that they are the best I could get, you are so good.!!! I just wonder ...what are you going to do next...?????..well..IM WAITING.!!! DONT STOP!!!" (Tony,

"I have to admit that the salsa with the stars is superb. Excellent. So many and so talented dancers." (vasilios,

"The DVDs are outstanding. .... The amount of work you all did in scouting, teaching and filming the videos was tremendous, and it paid off. I really enjoy watching the different interpretations by all of the different couples, on 1, on2 and in rueda. I'm so thrilled that I stumbled across your website!" (Ana,

"I received both of my orders, (Advanced moves & Dancing with the Stars), and I am extremely pleased with both DVDs. .... The Dancing With the Stars DVD is particularly instructive because we get to see expert interpretations/variations on the patterns. As you state in the DVDs, there is enough material to keep me and my dance partner busy for the next several months. In short -- these are fabulous DVDs and I can't wait to purchase the next series!" (melissa,

"I am delighted. The content is as described on the advertising. I really like seeing the different interpretations of the same moves by the different stars. All the moves choreographed were interesting and unusual, which appealed to me as an advanced dancer. Many expert salsa dancers demonstrating the same moves so the viewer can be inspired. This is excellent. The production quality on the DVDs was better than I expected. I have seen many Salsa DVDs and they are usually fairly low quality. This was better than the average. "
(Peter, easyburner98 at yahoo com)

"I've been really enjoying the DVD's - what an excellent concept! I'm not surprised that the best dancers wanted to be involved."

"I started going through Salsa with the Stars with my private dance teacher, I love it! I love the concept! I love how it shows different interpretations of a routine and that there isn't just one way to do something, and that you can style and be creative to make it your own rather than just memorize a specific combination of moves. I also love the detailed slow-motion explanations and the juxtaposition with the original routine. Having lots of fun with Salsa with the Stars!"
(abraham dot chen at gmail com)

"I received your dvds and they are extraordinary. Thank you very much for realizing so good idea and letting all over the world to see it. Thank you!"

"These are my favourite DVDs. Whenever I want some inspiration I watch these - the guest artists add another dimension to all the material. These DVDs are alway a pleasure to watch. Keep up the great work!" (Bill,

"Wow!  That's all I really need to say about Salsa with the Stars.  You have done an incredible job, Fabio.  This is easily the most exciting salsa video I have ever seen, and is sure to be a hit among true aficionados of salsa.  I think the reason it works so well is because these world class dancers are offering variations on the same idea.  So you really get a picture of what makes these dancers unique.  Congratulations, Fabio!  These videos have kept me entranced for weeks!  There is so much to love about them.  To start with, the music is perfect.  Jimmy Bosch is great and the music during the patterns is very catchy.  The variation among the stars is also superb.  I was impressed to see respected veteran dancers like Ishmael, Season, Duplessy and Amanda Estilo, as well as the fresh faces on the scene rapidly garnering the worldwide esteem they deserve.  I was also happy to see faces from around the globe including Australia, Cuba, France, Korea, and the Dutch Antilles.  It's nice to know that the dance is beyond borders.  I also have to say that I was impressed by the high level of talent in the followers.  So often videos are neglectful of half of the dance.  Not only is there a lot for leaders to pick up, but there is just as much for the ladies.  I recently showed the videos to a very good friend of mine who is really starting to pick up the nuance of styling, and she loves it.  She is particularly enamored with Ana Massicot who I also belief is beyond words. " (Dave,

"I wish to say great job on the Salsa with the Stars DVDs. I am impressed that you were able to get that many great dancers on one disk and I enjoyed your novel concept of having each couple reinterpret your original turn pattern." (Christian,

"I have to tell you that i am totally in love with the DVD's. Awesome work. I'm so proud and happy that I'am a part of it.." (Andy,

"I would like to thank you for letting me be apart of your dvd. I am honored that you asked me. I loved the dvd. You guys did great work with it" (Mike Lozado)

"thank you so much, i have the dvds and it s really a great job you ve done there. Those who saw it said it was a very brilliant and original idea" (Juliette Hashemi)

"We have received the production and it is Fabio-lus. Very nicely done, I have no other way of describing it. personally love the proffesionalism with which this production was done" (Jeffrey Schmidt)

"Thank you so much, this is awesome! I am so glad to be a part of this" ( Duplessey-Monic Walker)

" What a fantastic job w/ DVD. Thanks for making me part of this outstanding project " (Josh Torres)

"It is just fabulous, and I really enjoy it. I am so impressed with the presentation of the instruction and the whole work just looks so good.  Well done" (Mike,

"a unique and very project of the art all "salsa styles and stars united"! Lot of material! I like it!" (SalsaForFun in SalsaForum,

"The DVDs are quite a challenge. A very nice feature is the different options of the same "idea" (and eventually the whole turn pattern) in the different styles.... These DVD's are well made and propose a whole lot of new concepts for the avid salsa lover" (Bob, bob.van.laerhoven_at

"All DVD's (including Advanced Figures) are beautifull!!!!!!" (Michela, michelinanicolaci _at windowslive com)

"I've checked-out the first Salsa (with the Stars) DVD. I love it!! Nice, challenging patterns!!! " (Adrian, adrian at mcmillian dot com)

2 DVDs - $60 $50
Click for more info

Bachata Caribbean Style

"Your DVDs are very FAN-TAS-TIC. And delivery is perfect." (Antonio, )

"Best bachata DVD of all" (Dennis,

"I think that the Bachata DVD 3 is the best one that I have so far. Let me tell you why, The exercises that are included in the video and the counting are amazing. They really help someone get the dance down. I am a teacher and could really benefit from a breakdown of moves like that and more importantly exercises that I could use for my students" (Koronata,

"The Caribbean bachata is an amazing set of DVd's classes here are superb great teachers including musicality as well. These caribbean Bachata Dvd's where simply the best investment made in any DVD series out there outstanding quality and dancing! This is a must for anyones dance collection" (Robin,

"[i DVD] di bachata che sono davvero eccezionali: ottima didattica e maestri validi e professionali. Anche le spiegazioni che fornisci in sfondo sono chiare e comprensibili. Non posso che esprimere una sincera soddisfazione per l'opera tutta e sarebbe bello che questi ballerini fossero da queste parti"
"[your Bachata DVDs] are really exceptional: very well taught by very good and professional instructors. The voice-over instructions are also very clear. I can’t help but express my full satisfaction for this work and it would be just great if these dancers lived closeby"(

"content is amazing; my dance partner has already noticed a positive change" (Patrick, ashby @ rogers com)

"I love the new Bachata series. I can't believe how much bigger it made the dance for me if that makes sense. I really haven't even gotten too far into them, as there is so much material there, and I have already gottten my monies worth" (

"Yeah the Bachata DVD is awesome. I love all the thought and detail you put into everything. It's as if it was produced by some one that actually uses dance DVDs. Thats why I jumped off the fence, and placed an order for that salsa practice DVD." (joshua _darlington_ at_yahoo dot com)

"Recently I had the time to watch your DVDs carefully, and I have to say that they are really unique, you did a great job which “gives justice” to Bachata. The way in which the work is organised, Method, Demos and Exercises is truly ideal to learn. It honestly made me fell like dancing form the very first minute. The third DVD (Exercises) is outstanding for practising: the option of choosing an exercise depending on the content and speed allows to really learn all movements easily. Now I want to spend a few months on the exercises, I think it will be necessary to practise for a while (in particular for the ‘arm coordination’ which is essential). What I like most of this work is that it transmits the desire to dance and to learn (my girlfriend is from Panama and she does not like the way people dance Bachata in Italy and as soon as she saw the DVDs she said “this is Bachata!”. Every time she sees the DVDs she starts to dance and to try the exercises). I will now share some of my impressions in some forums, so that other people can also be aware of these DVDs." (luca,

"Just a quick note to say a yes, I have received the DVD's, and a thanks for producing such a wonderful exposition of bachata. I have been unhappy with the way the dance has been taught in this country, limited to sideways tramline movement, great emphasis on the hips for men and women - especially for beats 4 and 8. The dancing in the DVD was a revelation, and beautiful." (John,

"devo farti i miei complimenti: hai realizzato un'opera davvero eccezionale ... per tutti coloro che vogliono imparare a ballare la BACHATA DOMINICANA! In primo luogo hai giustamente dato la dovuta importanza all'apprendimento del tempo musicale, aiutando a capire come i diversi strumenti musicali scandiscano in modo diverso il tempo ed il ritmo nelle diverse battute, poi hai scelto dei ballerini davvero forti! ognuno di loro ha uno stile diverso e stupendamente coinvolgente, infine ottimo anche il metodo di insegnamento tramite i parecchi esercizi impostati, molto utili per imparare a ballare la BACHATA DOMINCANA secondo lo stile che uno predilige, ed opportunamente suddivisi dapprima in ritmica rallentata e poi al normale tempo musicale.Finalmente posso allenarmi pe imparare a ballare la Bachata come i Dominicani. . . anche perchè dalle mie parti nelle scuole di ballo insegnano a ballare una bachata che definirei da liscio (all' europea) . . . nulla a che vedere con la vera bachata.
[Congratulations, you produced an exceptional work, for anyone who wishes to learn Dominican Bachata! First, you correctly gave the due importance to the comprehension of the musical time, helping to understand how the different instruments mark the time in different bars of music. Then you chose some really cool dancers. Each of them has a style which is both diverse and compelling; finally, I also really like the teaching method via the exercises, very useful to learn Bachata according to the style one prefers, and suitably organised in a slow motion and normal speed sessions. For once I can practise in order to learn Bachata like Dominicans dance it, especially since where I live most schools teach a Bachata style which I would define ‘European’, with little resemblance to the 'original’ one]" (Luca,

"I've received the Bachata dvd and must say i love it! I've been searching for this type of dvd forever. The breakdown is great and easy to follow. The service was quick! I definitely will be ordering other selections and will highly recommend Salsaisgood to anyone looking for great instructional videos" (Cheryl, csmith 0902 @ yahoo dot com)

"I've just received the DVDs!!! What a wonderful job, amazing.... I'm very very satisfied." (Julio,

"People noticed the difference in my bachata right away from the bachata video series" (samuel phillips outlook com)

"reçu très rapidement ! Ils sont lisibles sur les lecteurs DVD français, et on peut choisir la langue française. Donc aucun soucis ! Le contenu est génial, l'approche originale" (Fabrice36270 gmail com)

"These DVDs are excellent and much better than was expecting." (Leonard,

"They are very cool DVDs.." (

"Congratulations, the 3 DVDs could not be better, both at a demonstrational level (with top dancers) and at exercise level (thanks to the clips at normal speed and slow motion). I am very satisfied of my pourchase" (Alessio,

"This is our recommended Must buy dvd series on Bachata. This is the finest series on Latin dancing we have ever seen. Salsagood has done it again by producing the first Master level instruction dvd on Bachata. This series is packed full of demo's, instructions, technical tips on dancing Bachata. This series go's from beginner to Master's level Bachata dancing. This series gives away the secrets of Master level Bachata dancing. This series is called Caribbean Bachata dancing but it also contains the steps of the two other authentic major styles of Bachata we know. Each dvd is great value for money but we do recommend you buy the whole series to become the best Bachata dancer or teacher you can be. These dvd's are the best quality & the longest instruction dvd's on the market. The dvd's are so packed full of moves it will take you years to learn all the steps & tips. This series is Real Bachata instruction not a Salsa Bachata mix. This series contains tip's from one of the World's best Bachata dancers. We had given up dancing in nightclub's because of the bad Salsa Bachata mix dancers dancers on the floor now I think in a year or so real Bachata may come back to the dance floor. Thank you" (Neil from the largest latin DVD review site on the net)

"These DVDs are well thought out and well executed, and best of all, amazingly fun. I trust to deliver quality products, and they have done so over and over again. In the dance realm, that is high praise indeed! Best of all, their products are designed to educate! They just don't show off fancy moves, but break them down, and take things step by step, so the end result is ... you end up learning! Only the top dance instructional DVDs in the world can claim that" (, Producer of the Bestselling Salsa Dance DVD Series in the World, for the last 4 Years)

"I received your DVDs yesterday, and I've passed the whole evening to watch them. I think they're stunning,great,fantastic. There's so much material to study on that I'll be busy to learn advanced bachata for the next 2 years :). The dancers are great, they're really skilled, the way they dance is very different from the one I've seen here in Italy, no need to use figures, just feel music and dance.Great." (Andrea,

"As an intermediate/advanced salsa dancer, I’ve always found it difficult to find good instructional DVDs. And finding bachata DVDs that are worthwhile has been next to impossible – until now. Your new 3 volume bachata set really gets the feel of the Carribean, just like the title suggests! I love it!" (Bill,] )

"... i am very happy with the videos. for me a totally new style of bachata and one i like a lot more than the typical pattern following method you see almost everywhere" (tito,

"We recived the DVDs very fast and are very very happy with them. I teach salsa my self and my students are happy with the new inputs I have gotten from your DVDs. I look forward to your new products." (Louise,

"I found it to be very interesting and an excellent value. You did an exceptional job in the technical execution of the DVD (this is the first DVD in your Bachata set). The narration was also very good and very helpful. The dancers are all very interesting to watch." (stacy,

"I really enjoyed the Bachata series ... these DVD’s really reinforce that style. It is so much more elegant and tasteful than the way a lot of people dance Bachata in the clubs. My son is 16 and has been taking salsa classes with me for a while and he loves the DVD’s as well" Melissa,

"[the DVDs] are all well written, thoroughly researched and inspiring! Great location and fabulous dancers that have tons of natural flair. I like the way you’ve analysed the different styles and techniques and encouraged students to draw inspiration from this to find their natural path rather than simply mimic or memorise a routine. It’s good to know about the music and the instruments involved. I felt really inspired to move and interpret the music in a more ‘Dominican’ way at every opportunity! Watching the demos I couldn’t help but wish that I could dance like Candice and meet a Jeff to dance with! This just doesn’t happen here! The exercise DVD is really challenging and you’re quite right to state that you have to stick with it and persevere. I’ve persevered and have now down several weeks of teaching my students some of the syncopations and footwork in your DVD. I’ve had mixed reactions from my students. Most have loved trying a different style and have enjoyed the challenge. Those who’ve been to the Dominican Republic were really happy to see this style in London as they couldn’t associate the [other instructor]'s style with the DR. The students that haven’t really taken to it are the less experienced dancers. They’re at the stage where they just want to learn basic European style routines so that they can feel equipped to go on the dance floor when a Bachata track is played. The UK is dominated by those wanting to learn routines. Even if they can’t remember or reproduce any part of the routine in a real life situation, they enjoy being in a group that is all learning and practising the same sequence.... It won’t be long until everyone will be wanting to practise freestyle Bachata which is so brilliantly shown in your DVDs" (Anna Scalera, London-based Bachata Instructor,

"i love it (Volume 3), It teaches me alot of things." (Ryah,

"The thing I liked the most about the bachata-DVD's was that you included examples of different styles within the dominican style, so that both I and my partner could see something we liked and wanted to have as a reference for the new movements. I also enjoyed the explanation of bachata music, and I will continue to watch the DVD's and hope that my sense of bachata will evolve and let me find my own steps that fit perfectly with the music I listen and dance to" (Pard,

"We (my girl friend and I) have enjoyed the Bachata DVD’s! Especially my girl friend is watching (and training!) a lot to get the Bachata skills in het head and body…." (Salsa Locos,

"Just a quick thank you mail for sending the 3 Bachata DVD's so promptly. The DVD's are obviously a labour of love on your part, I've just had one quick look at them as I've been down with the flu but there are some amazing dancers on them and the production quality is very good too. Your explanation of the make up of the band and the music was very helpful for one thing. I appreciate the fact that you have done them from the standpoint of interpreting the music and not just done some moves and turn patterns as most DVD's and latin dance teachers seem to do. That has a place I suppose but as I've only been dancing about 1.5 years and I'm middle aged, I've found it quite annoying that it seems to be mostly all there is that passes for latin dance teaching. As someone who has teaching experience, I find that a very poor way to go about it and it seems to permeate the whole way latin dancing is taught. So your emphasis on rythm, the make up of the music and getting the whole person more atuned to dancing etc was very refreshing and as I say quite rare in my experience, so I wish I lived nearer and could do some lessons with you. …. Anyway I just thought I'd to let you know how lovely the DVD's are and reflect that your evident love of Bachata was great to see as well. I seem to have fallen in love with the music and the dance and it was great to see all the time and love you had put into the DVD's to make it available to others like myself as well" (David,

"Anyone learning Bachata for the first time, this is how it should be done, these discs show you how to practice so you can dance with style and flair probab the only tutorial discs you will ever need." (Robin,

"Everything is great, the dvd [Volume 3] is superb" (

see Patrick's review of our Bachata set on WordPress

"I have to say that the Bachata series is excellent" (

"it is really a good method to learn authentic bachata, I shall recommend it" (

"I am very happy with these DVDs" (Remco, remco.greve_at planet dot nl)

"Really liked these DVDs =)" (Christer dot o . olofsson

"These DVDs are a great thing! [...] explinations in vol 1 ware really useful [..] The demos are really inspiring and having watched them I see there are a lot of things to learn." (

"I recently ordered the 3-disk bachata set from SalsaIsGood. I LOVE it. The dancing and instruction is excellent and the layout of the disks is great. My husband and I have a large collection of dance DVDs. And after my husband saw the first of these SalsaIsGood bachata videos, he remardked that it was the best video we had seen. And it is. I love the structure: the technique and theory explanations, the musicality discussion, the demos, and the exercises. The exercise DVD is fantastic. I already feel our bachata improving. Thanks for a great product …… The more I watch the demos and disk 1, the more I enjoy them. They really give a feel for bachata. And like disk 1 says, the instruction is freer and more creative. It's not about patterns as much as really understanding the dance and dancing to the music." (Clare,

"I was looking for material that realy explains how to dance bachata in a different way, not the one that we can usually see here in Spain (the way I also dance until now). I think that you have done a great job, firstly explaining the concepts (CD 1), and thereafter with the demos. CD 3 is incredibly useful for training" (albertodpl at

"I watched Volume 1 (The method) and I must say that indeed “my Bachata will never be the same”. Really very beautiful. Very nice DVD and excellent work: top dancers and clear explanation. I give it a 8.5 over 10 (and I am notoriously very strict!)" (Simone,

"Excellent product, beyond my expectations" (Angelo, a.roncetti at

"Hola, recientemente he recibido la colección de DVD´s "Bachata caribbean Style" ... me parece un curso realmente bueno y pensando para aprender. Al margen de ésto quiero destacar la gran seriedad y buena comunicación, a la hora de realizar la compra. He sido perfectamente informado de los contenidos, formas de pago, gastos de envío, plazos de entrega, etc.... así que animo a todo el mundo al que le guste el baile a que compre en éste site. Gracias por todo, espero progresar en lo referente a la bachata y será gracias a vosotros" (Luis,

"I ordered my Bachata DVD Vol 1 almost a year ago. I have been ejoying it ever since. In fact, I moved through Chicago then off to NYC where I have been doing a lot of dancing. I have been practicing with your DVD and have meet a few good Caribbean dancers and it is so nice to be able to keep up with them--half way at least!" (Norma, sosa.norma.e at

".. the Bachata DVDs (3 discs) are absolutely brilliant" (Hiren, hirenlavingia at

"I received, quickly, your Bachata Caribbean Style DVDs and they exatcly match my expectation from viewing the video clips on your web site. It is not easy to find DVDs which offer so much. Congratulations" (Gianfranco _at_agenziaentrate_dot_it)

"We are really glad to have ordered those dvd s which totally meet our expectation!." (Sabah, dansezsansfrontiere at live_dot fr)

"i know i will wear out my bachata instructional exercise dvd for certain" (Gary, cedar plug at

"I am happy with (Bachata Volume 3) and its quality. A DVD to practice simultaneously with is a great idea, and you did a good job" (matthias hoerster @ web . de)

" Very nice (Vol 1). Love the focus on the music, the use of multiple dancers that have different styles. I see lots of DVDs and because they are often with one couple, they lack the depth you display here..." (Don, donbaarns_at hotmail _dotcom)

"I have received the DVDs and love them. I will definitely order more DVDs." (darius, dpward23 at_ yahoo com)

"I am very happy with the DVD. It is indeed different from other bachata DVD's on the market, and provides helpful instruction that I've not been able to find on another DVD. " (REL1953 verizon_dot net)

"I have received the DVD (Vol 2) and I am very happy with it " (josh surowski gmail com)

"Los DVDs estan muy bueno, no hablo ingles (sorry) un poco espanol...muy bueno DVDs de Bachatas " (Jorge, dinamogym _@ hotmail dot_ com)

"Hola me ha gustado mucho los dvd de bachata, un saludo" (berto_ crisma _at hotmaildotcom)

"Los DVDs me han gustado enhorabuena por el producto." (Chema, pichete at

"These dvds are really exhaustive and very well explained. Really Excellent" (scsa1984 @ libero . it)

"I've received the DVDs (Timing Exercises Vol 3 and From Salsa to Mambo via Cha Cha Cha and Bachata Caribbean Style) and they're great" (cliff joseph2010 @ googlemail . com)

"now I have seen all 3 DVDs and I am very happy that I did order them. The way they are designed is very good and all those people who took part in producing them did a very good job. This material is really inviting you to keep up dancing and improving one's very own style. " (Daniela, daniela dmueller at yahoo dotde)

"The videos are great, I saw all three as soon as I got them and look forward to practicing the moves in your videos. I hope to one day dance as smooth and graceful as everyone in the videos. .... Once I get this bachata down, then I'm sure I'll be looking at your salsa videos next! " (Ritch, ritchalvarado_@

"I realised when I came across the trailer ad for these dvds that they were going to offer a different style of Bachata (that you see commonly taught in most latin classes) and way of learning it. I wasn't disappointed. This style suits my dance personality better as it allows more freedom and creativity for both partners rather than remembering endless moves and routines. This DVD has already changed the way I feel about Bachata and makes it more fun to dance.... I just need to practice the well thought out exercises now! A lot of hard work has gone into this DVD and I would happily recommend it to anyone wanting to learn Bachata..... it's not easy but the end result is worth it! " (kwai at

  Salsa Timing Package - Testimonials
(Salsa on the Spur of the Music + Salsa on the Beat)

"The Timing CD is awesome. It has already taken my dancing to a new level...... The timing set is a must have for dancers of all levels. Thank you for making such a great set" (

"Thank you so much for your work.  I just finished watching "Salsa is Good - Salsa on the spur of the music" and it has completely changed the way I view dancing and leaning salsa.  I've been taking classes for a year in Bermuda and your DVD has helped me to only just begin the journey of truly feeling the music when I dance.  Particularly the dance clip at the beginning of Stacy Lopez dancing with his wife.  I've watched this clip numerous times and shown it to all my friends.  It is truly inspirational, I went dancing later in that night and I swear I could feel a difference" (Jamael,

"I've researched a few timing systems for Salsa music, and I like your CD the best" (Jemadean,

"Salsa on the Spur of the Music is my absolut best DVD, I love it. Till now I watch it 3 times and I will watch it more. (Wiltrud, wiltruds @ gmx dot de)

"The Salsa on the Beat CD is very good. It is the best I have found. That is why I keep ordering more" (karl, broomekf at_earthlink net)

"super CD Salsa on the beat - exactly, what I was looking for." (The customer wishes to remain anonymous)

"Your "Salsa on the Beat" CD is excellent. Like many other people, I went through months of Salsa lessons, but did not have a clue of how to hear the beat or how to find the 1 and 5. Your CD helped me understand what to listen for. Now I can find the 1 and 5 in most songs. Dancing on time is still a challenge, but I am making progress. At least I hear the beat." (Karl broomekf at earthlink . net)

"A must to have CD for people like me who just can't understand the beats. It made a huge difference to me. I never knew what I was looking for, when listening to a salsa song. I could dance to the counts, but the moment a music is ON I used to be lost. Now I know and I am happy that I decide to buy the CD. It is really worth it..... " (Anil)

"I thought the CD was outstanding. For years I struggled to find the "one" in salsa. Finally an instructor told me about the Salsa is Good CD.
I listened in the car on the way to work each morning for week. I now can find the "one", the "two" etc.
The instruction is clear, helpful and for those of us with no music background a huge help.
If this CD can help me find the "one", it surely can help you. I highly recommend it to all aspiring salsa dancers..."

"The DVD is wonderful. I love that way it explains the different instruments and Stacy and Lucy the effortless way they dance with joy. " (Elva,

"As a starting point of every effort related to the salsa dance I consider Salsa on the Spur of the Music, because you answer the basic
question: What the dance is?
When students (and teachers as well, of course) know this, then they can progress in a proper way and enjoy dancing soon. Because many of them have an idea, that the dance means figures. This is even supported by amateur teachers… Certainly I can say that you are not selling "vacuum" like many other "instructional DVDs" producers successfully do" (

"..we are right into salsa on the beat and salsa on the spur of music, and both are great! So far we had no time to look into the other dvds, but these two alone are worth it!" (Sam,

"Your CD is excellent – I am playing it all the time when I am in the car. It is strange ... Then, I go to your DVDs to learn these instruments at home. I can feel that I am getting better at catching the beat, but I still have long way to go. It is fun and fulfilling exercising with your DVDs and listening to the CD. Thanks for your great works. I will look forward for your Vol 4 DVD!!!" (Velmani, pvelmani gmail com)

"This is exactly what I was looking for. You have done a great work and I appreciate it very much. I am very satisfied and would recommend to my friends." (Bilal,

"I am very pleased with both the cd and dvd. the stuff covered by these discs is extremely helpful in getting a deep understanding of what makes latin music so special and different from western musical traditions,and also ,and very important, in a dancer on 2, I find this material extremely helpful in improving my dancing" (Carmen,

"I did receive the order and an EXTREMELY pleased with it. I have been trying to get my timing down in salsa for some time now and your product finally did the trick for me. The voice-over explanations for timing to each instrument, the breakdown of each instrumental and its synchronization with the clave, and the voice-over count, made it possible for me to understand the actual structure and individual components of the salsa arrangement. My dancing has improved 100 percent. I recommend this product to anyone having trouble with salsa rythmic timing or who simple wants the music and how it is danced to" (William,])

"I got the CD and the Dvd..I must say : Real, real good. Very helpful and pleasant to watch and listen to" (Hung,

"They are FANTASTIC! I've taken beginners' salsa classes, and had a lot of trouble with the rhythm in the music, so the DVD and CD are going to be extremely helpful. I'm going to use them until I start to understand salsa rhythm a lot better, then I'll start taking classes again. It'll make dancing a lot more fun! " (Kol Kol,

"I have been praticing what I learnt from your CD and it works great. I'm more confident in doing patterns these days. Thanks to you, the miracle worker!!!" (Thach,

"The timing music CD has simply improved the timing within a few weeks for those with a more musical ear than counting the CD has helped integrate the counting into imprinting the rhythm into the feet! Again another wonderful product!" (Robin,

"The timing CD and DVD are just great. Period. I beleive that anybody who is learning how to dance Salsa should have it, and practice it, until felling it completely in the veins." (Ladislav,

"The timing cds are a must-have for all salsa learners. Wished I got them sooner" (Dino,

"This Package is very well done and the CD has been of tremendous help in helping me understand the structure of salsa music" (Eric,

"I also wanted to say this product is really awesome and far better than a Salsa timing CD I first got (different vendor)" (Jonas,

"This dvd teach's Master level timing secrets which will help any Salsa student progress to the Master level. Highly recommened by" (Neil from

"I LOVE this video! Anyone should buy this!!!!" (Annjette from

"I´ver purchased the salsa timing audio course and i´m very please with my purchase. Been strugleling with finding the beat in the salsa music. The audio timing cd has broken down the salsa timing concept which make it easy to and understand and give you the knoledge which lead to more confidence in finding the beat in the music." (Milton Hebbert <miltonth 198 at hotmail com)

"I have recently purchased and received your Salsa on the Spur of the Music DVD and CD products. I am extremely happy with my investment. I have been especially motivated by the introduction segment with the video of Stacey and Lucy Lopez." (Dan,

"I like your timing DVD a lot" (Zheng,

"Your dvd on the spur of the music is one of the best dvds i ve seen, you get to know things that others probably accumulate through years of experience" (vasilios,

"As an intermediate dancer, I purchased "Salsa on the Spur of the Music" and "Cuban Salsa for Non Cubanos." I found the videos very helpful in understanding more technical aspects of salsa dancing, such as musical interpretation and how to improvise in a social dancing context" Murray (

"The part with Stacey and Lucy is really extraordinary, never seen a dance so simple and cool. The other dancers are also very good... The suggestions on how to keep the time and on teh common timign mistakes are really useful.." (Roberto,

"I and the wife absolutely love the DVD's. Especially Salsa on the Spur and Beat makes a big deference when u understands and dance to the beat.
Thanks again and I will definitely purchase future items and highly recommend your products to anyone who will listen."

"I am very satisfied with your products. The rhythm of salsa is really well explained on the CD and the Video. It is a must for everybody who wants to learn Salsa. Continue to develop more products of this type." (Frank,

"I think that you had made a great work in the explication of the timing of the diferents styles and with the elements of the rythm... the explication about the clave and congas is great.. i find very interesting are the ideas for develop the spontainety and expressivity..." (Ramiro,

"Great DVD!" (Peter,

  "I enjoyed immensely watching the Timing DVD. The opening scene depicts one of the master artists in salsa -Stacy Lopez dancing live on stage in San Juan Puerto Rico. ....  This video is a First in explaining the basics of the dance , which actually is the most important in dancing, more so than any figure or complex turn. The  introductory clip of Stacy Lopez is the theme of the video impressing on the viewer the importance of  being able to understand the music and more importantly feel the music; and dance like Stacy Lopez inside  the music" (Alan,

"It is very helpful. A really good video" (helen

"It is a great video. I now have a better understanding of Salsa music" (Mike,

"Congratulation! It's just excellent!" (Luca)

"I'm am very, very happy with the content and production values of both items. In comparison to other salsa videos, I enjoy your rather unique style of making videos -its a unique style, and very good content" (William,

"This video is UNIQUE for the information it provides" (Luca,

"Your set is a very useful aid to improve the perception of Salsa-rhythm. It doesn´t exist any comparable product on the market". (Alex,

"The Salsaisgood CD and DVD on Salsa timing is wonderful and a must for any one learning or seeking to improve their Salsa dancing..... The simple and easy to follow program will have anyone dancing in time very quickly I can't recommend it enough". (Lee,

"Loved many of the details which can help anyone to become a talented dancer. I wanted to say thanks for putting this DVD together". (Jesse,

"I have reviewed your CD and I must tell you it is the Number 1 Best Product of this kind in the market.
I personally do NOT give recommendation of ANY kind, however I am a true believer and supporter or your product. I would strongly recommend your product to my students as a 'must-have', as their investment will pay for itself twofold.
Absolutely wonderful, on a scale between 1 to 10, I give it a 10+"
MarioB is known as one of the top teachers, dancers and salsa organizers in NY

"....Besides teaching Salsa several times a week, I am also taking teacher training in San Francisco and I recommended your CD to the instructor. She played several tracks during our class last Monday. Then one of the trainees who bought the CD a couple of weeks earlier told them how much she loved it. Well, it was a pretty convincing testimonial so right afterwards, almost all of the trainees wanted one! The instructor even bought one herself. I actually haven't heard anyone yet say anything negative about your CD......" Roger Yamat, Salsa Instructor, US,

"I have well received your DVD within 5 days after your order confirmation and i am really very happy with it.
I will tell you why i am happy with it; I am following lessons cuban salsa for about 2 years and we all know a lot of figures BUT almost everybody have sometimes problems of dancing on the right rhythm. For me personnaly it is going very good on some salsa songs but somethimes it is very difficule to hear the right pattern...this is certainly a big issue when you have a live cuban salsa band who sometimes change the pattern and than i have problems. With your DVD i learned that you always can find your beat with help of the different instruments..and indeed i went to some salsa partys and i felt more secure and i was dancing really on the right rhythm even with difficult songs.It went that good that i even was dancing with someone who was only familiar with LA STYLE but we were dancing great and she followed very nice and this is because you can more play with the music,you feel more secure. When people start with salsa there are not many schools who explain you those patterns like in your DVD so i recommend everyone this DVD and i feel sorry that i was not earlier informed about this DVD but its is not to late..i now can really relax dancing and have really fun without being insecure about the patterns"

"Your CD on Salsa timing should be in every dancers collection, especially new dancers, but experienced ones as well. It is so well thought out that anyone can understand this complex Salsa beat after listening to your CD (I have CD's and VHS from 5 other instructors around the world and this is the best by far)" Rick Patton, Salsa Dancer,

"I was impressed to find how exceptionally well put together this CD was. I didn't have a clue how to find the conga beat with all those instruments playing; and now it is easy. Thanks for the great CD. I am taking it to class today". Tom Shay, Salsa Student,

"The timing cds are a must-have for all salsa learners. Wished I got them sooner" (Dino,

"Would recommend to any salsa student struggling to hear the beat" (chris,

"The Salsa on the Spur of the Music is really nice. I really bought that set for my son but I found I learned a few things as well! ... my 16-year-old son has been taking salsa lessons with me for a while but he really has difficulty with timing. I am confident that this series will help him tremendously" (Melissa,

"Your cd is very helpful I think it will take awhile to stay on beat, but your cd has given me great pointers on how to identify the beat. The part of the cd where they say the beat is excellent, I also love the instrument cues" (jose, address withdrawn)

"I received the CD, it is awesome!" (Donna,

"By the way their (SalsaIsGood) rhythm and timing CD is one if not the best i have come across! " (SalsaForFun in SalsaForum,

""Salsa on the Spur of the Music" DVD is excellent" (Ondrej,

"I got the dvd and cd, great products, I enjoy them very much, I find them inspiring. I was born in Cali, Colombia, and grew up in there, I really appreciate tnis style of salsa dancing" (Jaime,

"very fast shipping, very helpfull for couples never finding the same "one". We love to dance on bass and rhythm's only." (Gabrielle,

"2 years ago they bought their Salsa Rhythm & Timing Instructional CD which has taught me a lot and has improved my dancing in a very significant" (

"The DVDs and Cd on timing are excellent" (])

"Your service was great. Got the package in less than two weeks. Yes I am happy with the contents - spells out details that I didn't get in classes. Good tip I got - get the timing right rather than just doing the figures" (])

"Thank you for your CD, it is great." (

"It is a DVD very well made. I am delighted" (])

"Yes, I received the ordered DVD in good shape and short time (within ten days). It has already helped me much in identifying the "one"
and "two", and in keeping the tempo. Salsa is not the easiest music/dance for non Cuban people, and especially for older people as I am. I used to go to some dance schools when I was about 20, them life took me away from it... until my 73 ! So thanks for the valuable help you provide with the recorded lectures."

"[About Salsa on the Beat]... i never realised i could listen and pay attention to the conga and the man's and woman's voice all at the same time. my ears are opened" (rabin EXPRESSO)

"I have received the Salsa timing CD and DVD. They are both excellent products. So much so that I have placed the order for Salsa Timing Exercises DVDs set" (Rajeev,

"This product is really good" (miguel, miguelangelll_at hotmail com)

"I got the CD. I'm very happy with it. It filled in some of the holes that were missing on my other timing CD, like having both claves for instance. I also like the fact that it include 3 different speeds included. I will most likely be ordering more products in the near future! Thanks so much" (Anna, acrace at_verizon dot_net)

"These products work well and are easy to use. ... I've used the CD extensively. I think you have done well in producing these items and I now hear the rhythm instruments much better and plan to dance on the beat more often" (Art, aray62 at

"CD well received, thank you! Your product is verry good! I listen it once and I've been really satisfied of what I heard. .... I was really looking for a CD in which I could learn tricks to teach my students" (Melanie, melanie.simard _at macartedaffaires _dat com)

"I am currently using the CD salsa on the beat and it's really helpful to my dancing and also enables me to enjoy the music so much more" (Tom, tomn _ freeloader at

"Both the rhythm CD and the DVD were much better than I had expected. The CD has helped me tremendously by breaking down a complex piece of music into tracks of individual instruments, or a combination of just two or three instruments. .... The DVD has some very inspiring dancing and IMHO drives home the whole point of dancing -- it's all about feeling the music and expressing it; not just fancy footwork, flashy turns, etc. All in all I am very satisfied and wouldn't hesitate to recommend both the CD and the DVD to anyone" (Hilary

CD - $19
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DVD - $30
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  Advanced Figures in NY/LA & Cuban Style - Testimonials top

"....all I can say is that it is amongst the finest available, PERIOD. Maybe even the best..." (Marc,

"Salsaisgood video is the great way to learn what salsa is and how to dance it. As soon as I watched it I told everyone I know about it."

"...boy do I have a lotta work to do!!!! Those moves are unreal!!!" (richard,

"Awesome DVD." (richard,

"It is excelent.I hardly wait to make the figures." (Razvan,])

"We teach Salsa in our own personal dance studio and have taken many useful tips from this DVD. I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about learning some unique and advanced salsa moves" (Edwin, salcianadance gmail com)

"I was starting to become a bit stale and uninspired with my salsa, but your dvds have given me the boost I hoped they would and can't wait to try some of the moves out" (Colin,

"I received both of my orders, (Advanced moves & Dancing with the Stars), and I am extremely pleased with both DVDs. My dance partner and I are both blown away by the intricacy and variety of the moves being taught. We also appreciate the clarity of the instruction and the step by step breakdown of how to lead each pattern" (melissa,

"The quality of the DVD and the amount of content are Superb. There is so much, as a new salsa dancer It may take me years to learn the amazingly creative figures you have. The comparison between the LA and Cuban styles was very helpful to me AC I am learning LA style, but the Cuban style is mainly what I see danced in the clubs where I live. Thanks for the incredible attention to detail, and the passion you put into these amazing DVD, they are inspiring works of your art" (Lean, lean transform at

"Fabio’s amazing teaching video’s has provided us with sharp figures and easy to follow steps whilst assisting us to improve technique, timing as well as dancing to the beat and rhythm. Thanks Fabio" (Nancy & Massimo,

"15 very cool moves... i found the comparision of the same routines between NY/LA and cuban style very interesting. It's amazing how a move that seems very tipical for NY/LA Style can be executed in Cuban Style as well. The presentation of the moves is excellent, unique at least in my collection of Salsa Videos.... The explanations are clear, concentrating in the important hints, not explaining every movement - what i personally do not like in some other salsa videos" (Gerald,

"Your video is fantastic!!!" (Murray,

"the video is awesome" (Vincent,

"This video is very well done... The explanations are clear and precise.. the comparison between different styles is very interesting.... the 4 routines are very creative, though challenging... The different camera views are very useful" (Francesco,

"I must say I really like this video" (Blaze,

"Your video featuring advanced moves in L.A./N.Y. salsa is excellent value! I really like how I can watch the figure in slow motion and at the same time listen as the move is clearly explained. When I learn salsa figures I like to write them down. With this video you've even done this! Each figure is subtitled so that I can read it over again after I've watched and listened. I also like the overhead camera which gives me an extra understanding of each move. The Cuban interpretation of each move is also a great idea for people who I like to dance Cuban style (myself included) Now I have no excuse for not learning!" (Bill Cameron ,

"I must say I am very impressed. I like this video very much. Congratulations to you and those who helped to produce this video. Good job!!" (Arnoldo,

"very good video... the 3 angles are good and rare....SO GOOOOOODDDD JOB.........." (Mouyeke,

"Already it has helped improve my dancing and therefore my confidence" (Mark,

"Your DVDs are so good!!!" (Tony,

"I really like the moves and the way you explain them" (axel,

"Congratulations for the DVD .. the routines are really well explained.. it's an excellent tool to learn figures and moves i did not know and which are of great help to improve my salsa knowledge" (Antonio,

"I've been truly impressed with all you've done.  You not only have a great product, you have great service, too!" (Dave,

" I did receive the DVDs and they are very very good! I couldn't be happier.

"All DVD's (including Salsa with the Stars) are beautifull!!!!!!" (Michela, michelinanicolaci _at windowslive com)

"Your DVDs (Advanced Figures and Cuban Salsa for 'Non Cubanos')are very well done and easy to follow. I really like the locales in which you shoot them. Those can't be beat. I also enjoy the different camera angles you utilize to show how each move is performed."

"DVD is very good ." (omid _ nemati @ yahoo . com])

DVD - $30
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  Feelin' Merengue - Testimonials top

"I received your instructional Merengue DVD and thought it was fantastic. It had unique patterns shown from every angle and the outdoor background is beautiful" (Rick,

"I don’t know how people dance merengue in your city, but where I live, people instead of dancing, are just making complicated nodes with their hands on merengue music. If you want to feel the music, start learning basic but beautiful moves get this DVD. The scenery is gorgeous, the moves are progressive so from basic you progress to advanced. Even if you just copy what they show you, it will be fantastic, but as they say on the DVD, get the inspiration from what you see to create your own style. As a guy, just by succeeding in duplicating his moves will make me more than happy. 5 friends (girls) when they see the woman dancing, feel the same: this is the way they want to dance. How to make it come true? Watch the video, practice, practice and practice.

...two weeks after...

Before this DVD, merengue was just the easy dance to move the body on a salsa evening. Practicing for a week with my new girlfriend, merengue became the expression of sensuality. We love the feelings we are getting from the movements and ideas of the DVD! (Christofe,

"So my thirst for Salsa DVDs lead me to SalsaIsGood but the DVD that quickly caught my eye was Feelin' Merengue. One does not often see Merengue DVDs. Nor ones shot in such gorgeous locations in Australia - who knew this was a the home of such excellent Merengue instruction. Much to the amazement of this Canadian lad, these folks living out back of beyond had crafted an absolutely brilliant instructional DVD. I am totally in awe of their minimalist but so effective teaching approach. The focus is on your partner and on the music. Put those together and you have true beauty in the dance. My partner and I danced a better Merengue after just one viewing when we went to a party that evening. Generously, the site provides a script to the video so remember to download it. The price and the ability to download the video make this a truly excellent purchase for anyone who wants to improve their Merengue. You will be amazed at how quickly the improvement happens after a little practice.

I think the biggest plus is that the minimalist approach of no dialogue works amazingly well. In fact, I would even say that there was less distraction as one focused on visually processing and not attempting to comprehend dialogue as well. Certainly works for Merengue. Well done on this different approach. All the pluses: - dancers are amazing - locations are incredibly beautiful - love the music - progression of moves is excellent - moves are fun and unique - video editing is quite artistic" (Patrick, ashby at rogers com)

"Cool moves and great soundtrack" (Alan,

"I am fascinated by the merengue dance materials you put together. And of course the rest of the materials I bought. The lessons put together are very systematic in the order of importance, and the slow motion effect plus the self-rewind are very helpful! It allows me to concentrate on the dance steps/practice without interruptions on pressing the remote control. The slow motion and the rewind effect are an excellent idea" (William, tradam rogers com)

".... my girlfriend and I really really enjoyed it. In fact it is the best dvd we bought to date. ... this merengue dvd is simply the best for many reasons. Obviously the moves but the ideas behind the dance (gentle, intimate etc...) i really liked that part." (Francois,

"Excellent, from all points of view! The ideas, the filming of the figures from differnt angles, the slow motion, the background" (Bruno,

"I find your dvd very nice, very interesting and well done" (Lilian,

"I love your DVD, it has unique moves... I like the fact that you enphasize feel the music not only the technicalities" (Luther,

"Excellent video, I am really enjoying it" (Arturo,

"Just wanted to let you know how much we have enjoyed your Feelin' Merengue video" (Sue,

"The dvd-material is just superb and the figures help me a lot, both giving me ideas or just adapt the hole figure" (Kenneth,

"It is amazing to see peoples from Australia dancing a merengue so close to the merengue of latino americans that we see in the clubs" (Yvon et Anna,

"Never knew merengue could be danced so sensually" (Dino,

"I liked this DVD very much. I am totally satisfied with these DVD" (Alvarez, salvarez at

"This DVD is great" (Clare, xchampx at hotmail_dot_com)

"I have received your dvd on merengue lessons and I like it very much, this is exactly what I have hoped for. This dvd is so much fun. ... Many Thanx for this great loads of fun dvd." (michel, edjemagnesium at

"The Merengue DVD is very, very good. There is no verbal instructions on DVD. At first I thought this would be a hinderence. The variations are clear and easily followed. There are plenty of variations. Both dancers have good clean and clear Cuban motion. I thought black would mute the visual of motion. It is clear to see Fabio's dance motion and moves in the video. The follow wears a summer dress. Her movements are clean, clear and sexy. Both dancers flow together. ... The dancers, the natural settings. This DVD is infectious. It makes you want to go out and dance" (thomas dot g dot brandl at

DVD - $22
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  Cuban Salsa for "Non Cubanos" - Testimonials top
From Neal of

"This is the first video I have had to watch several times before I could concentrate on the techniques. This video is done outdoors in some amazing scenery in Western Australia. I was looking at this scenery, the kangaroos, the girls in bikini tops instead of the techniques. This is without doubt the most visually spectacular Salsa video I have seen. I will describe this video as a Demonstrational/ instructional video. There are no verbal explanations of the techniques shown but several demos in all possible views & speeds. The format usually goes like this. A full screen front view, then a full screen side or back view. Then a slow motion view. Then a spilt screen giving two views at the same time. I found it was easy to pick up all the techniques using this method. This video is also the first to use an onscreen counter for all the techniques. As the technique is being shown a beat/ rhythm counter is in the top left of the screen. This video is for intermediate to advanced dancers. The video has some techniques nobody else shows. In fact a couple of techniques I will be using as standard moves for myself as they are that good. This video is also full of the most amazing sayings about dancing & life. Some of the techniques come from Leo Martinez, Wilberto Botey from Habana. I must say these are great dancers & teachers. In fact I also use their techniques in my style. There is some original Cuban music & Clave rhythms used to teach. On a personal note. I have known of Fabio Boschetti for a couple of years. He is a well known Australian Salsa teacher. He has also taught at the World Salsa Congresso. He is known for being very honest & for having a great passion for Salsa" (Neal,

From Eric Freeman -
"Fabio has created a very impressive salsa instructional video on several levels. First of all, the photography is truly impressive --
filmed in a variety of beautiful outdoor scenes. The slow motion and numbers appearing on the screen (1,2,3,5,6,7) make it much easier to analyze and learn the moves. And lastly, but probably most importantly, are the moves themselves -- much of it is very cool material, unique, and very useful on the dance floor. There are other small touches to the video that make me like it as well, but I'll let the reader discover those for him/herself."
(Eric Freeman,

"One of the challenges for anyone learning salsa is the sheer diversity of different styles. These may sometimes seem like intimidating barriers, whereas, in a more positivel light, they can provide exciting opportunities for developing repertoire. SalsaIsGood is well attuned to this challenge as is illustrated by this imaginatively-produced DVD. It consists of a selection of Cuban classic moves taken straight from Havana and a number of new moves from SalsaIsGood's own repertoire in the Cuban style. Although by its title primarily intended for 'Non-Cubanos', it is also excellent for anyone who has learnt salsa the Cuban way. It is also suitable for different levels of competence, with some moves relatively easy and others more elaborate. It provides a rich source of ideas and encourages the dancer to not only expand their own repertoire, but also use the moves creatively to develop fresh ideas and ultimately promote the evolution of salsa itself. Each sequence is shown from different angles and repeated in slow motion. A visual counter makes the all-important connection between the movement and the count at any point in a sequence. Names of sequences range from the poetic ('Touching Heaven With A Finger') to the humourous ('Unravelling The Structure Of Mess'). Filmed outdoors in various natural settings, it is one of the most aesthetically beautiful DVDs one could wish to see. The best salsa DVDs draw the viewer in to want to repeatedly practise and learn what are at first unfamiliar and sometimes difficult moves. Cuban Salsa For "Non-Cubanos" passes this test admirably, " (John,

"I really like your figures, especially for the originality of the coreography" (Francesco,

"Its a great salsa dance dvd, I  see it will keep me busy for the next two year" (Paul,

"The DVD is amazing!!!" (Aaron,

"I received the DVD, it is excellent and I will be buying more from you." (

"Your DVDs (Advanced Figures and Cuban Salsa for 'Non Cubanos')are very well done and easy to follow. I really like the locales in which you shoot them. Those can't be beat. I also enjoy the different camera angles you utilize to show how each move is performed." (Dennis,

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DVD - $25
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Timing Exercises Vol 1 & 2 (4 DVDs)

"My prayers were answered when I found these salsa timing DVDs. I was ready to just give up. That all changed when the "Salsa Timing Gods" appeared in the form of in my google search. I ordered the first DVDs and the CD and it was like having a compassionate doctor fianlly diagnose your disease. I had the "I can't hear the beat" syndrome and they took all the shame away and told me I would have to learn a different way if I simply followed the prescribed exercises. These products will teach you how to dance on beat in the privacy of your own home so that when you go to class it will all make sense to you and you can use that class time to enjoy yourself instead of in a secret panic because you know your off beat. These products understand the timing problem most people have and they have figured out a way to really teach salsa timing. I am going to say this! If you practice with these DVDs you can learn! I did! I can never stop talking about these DVDs to my fellow dancers no matter how advanced. INSTRUCTORS. If you have beginners that you know are having a hard time with the beat be merciful and recommend this site to them. " (Jacqueline, jcqlnprz at yahoo . com)

"Yes, I loved your DVDs. I've been dancing for years trying to improve, taking classes, practicing a lot, and having a lot of problems (I guess I'm not that talented a dancer!). But your DVDs on rhythms was a real eye opener - I never even knew that rhythm existed. After just one week my dance improved so much that people noticed. You did a great job on that one (at least for me)." (Margaret, margaret ahmad at hotmail dotcom)

"Another excellent and fantastic set of discs from the masters of tution! Once again easy to follow well presented by the team at Salsa is Good, quality teachers are rare to find and this set compliments and aids, the beginner or even the advance dancer to perfect their dancing" (Robin, envirogen at

"It's almost two months since I started training with the Salsa Timing exercises DVDs..... These Salsa Is Good DVDs are more than fantastic, they are unique. They include all the information I couldn't find anywhere else (I searched quite a while). Precious data that help me to progress very quickly alone, at my own pace whenever I want. In my opinion rhythm is the main first element for dancing. I had a 'serious' problem with rhythm, thanks to these DVDs, I don't have it anymore. Of course a serious practice is required to get the full benefit of these DVDs. An advice: don't spend hours the first week you receive the DVD and never again after. Just put the DVD on every time you feel like it. Through time, the exercises which didn't seem interesting the first week will become interesting and bring you their benefits." (Art,

"(these DVDS) are indispensable. I am using them both for my own personal training and for the courses I teach here at the University of California on the socio-cultural history and meaning of Afro-Caribbean music (and dance)" (William I. Robinson Professor of Sociology and Global and International Studies University of California-Santa Barbara , w.i.robinson1 at_gmail com)

"I got the DVDs and their great. I must admit even before buying the DVD's I had no problem dancing on time, however I was looking for a deeper understanding of salsa music. These DVD's have helped me a lot in in this matter. They are without a doubt the ultimate timing instructional DVD's. Thank you very much and I would like to know when your new DVD's come out." (romanrounkle at

"I am very impressed by what you have done and how you have matched the need of people like me. I was ashamed of what I thought being a misunderstanding of the rhythm and a non feeling of the music. ... Now that I know what the music instruments are in salsa, when they occur in the bars of music as it is said, I can search for them in the songs, and then of course everything is more simple. Most of the time now I catch the rhythm or at least the bars thanks to the congas, the montuno or some percussions (I am not always sure of what they are, but I am sure to be in the beat. Incredible, what a satisfaction and a pleasure to touch the ground with your foot, when an instrument beats in the same time. I enjoy also particulary brass instruments, and sometimes I can hear them beginning on the “1”, incredible! I am still in a learning phase, but I have the feeling that I have progressed so much. Yesterday night, I did my first steps on the weak beats of the music, on a real song: I thought it was impossible for me. I have so much things to learn, but with your DVDs, I would say: YES I CAN! Thanks and congratulations. " (Francois, francois dot @ alcatel - lucent dot com)

"Rarely do I introduce a new SALSA-DVDS.COM product to you in this column, but this time I want to make an exception for this particular package that will cause a revolution in the way you approach your dancing. Austrialian based SalsaIsGood has produced a Timing Excercises Package of 2x2 DVDs that will not only show you everything there is to know about rhythm and timing, but let you experience it as well! Let me show you why you NEED to buy this package with some simply Q&A...: " (Annetje, SALSA-DVDS.COM)

"They are indispensable.  I am using them both for my own personal training and for the courses I teach here at the University of California on the socio-cultural history and meaning of Afro-Caribbean music (and dance)" (Bill, w.i.robinson1 at_gmail dot_com)

"Your timing DVD is absolutely amazing. It solves the counting problem once and for all! I shared your website with my class ... they have solved my counting problem once and for all!!!! even yesterday at salsa club I saw an experienced dancer dance on 5 n I thought he could use your medicine" (Motaz, motazalhasan at gmail com)

"The DVDs were terrific.  I did Timing Exercises 1 Disk A and B, and as a result can now hear and find the beat in salsa music with ease" (andreynorin at gmail dotcom)

"Now after only few hours of listening, I recognize better the rhythm of many latin musics. I am really happy and satisfyed "Salsaisgood" method. It is easy to follow and really efficient. I wanted to discover this DVD before !!! Thank you so much!" (Angelo, angelo dot deluca02 at gmail dot com)

"debbo fare i miei complimenti per l'opera sul tempo della salsa ecc. gli esercizi sono semplici ma utili in questo modo si impara il tempo"
"I need to compliment you for this work on salsa timing; the exercises are simple but useful and in this way you can learn to follow the rhythm" (

"The timing disc set is fantastic... Starting to learn on two with the help of the timing disc! Once agin thanks for all the effort it must have taken to do!" (Robin,

"I am pleased. It has helped my understanding of the instruments tremendously and my timing has improved." (gemmam97 at yahoo com)

"I practiced with the DVDs and took a break from dancing. but then when i went dancing today it felt easy and natural to find the rhytm. thanks for that!!" (Vida, vidaskreb at gmail com)

"I'm making a lot of progress in the timing and rythm understanding with your dvd and explanations" (karl, dellis at hotmail .com)

"... I believe I am blessed to know your websites. I am really enjoying your DVDs and CD (Salsa Timing Full Set) every bit of it and I have been learning a lot and already I am getting better following the music" (Velmani, pvelmani gmail com)

"The practice instructions (Timing Exercises, Salsa to Mambo and Bachata Vol 3) are a godsend, enabling a student to progress at his pace. What a great concept" (Gary, cedar plug at

"I have recieved the product DVDs/CD (Timing Exercises and Salsa on the Beat) and am pleased with the results I'm getting. Finding the one and five count in a salsa song has been my greatest challenge as a beginner salsa dancer and these products are a big help." (Bill, blue mach won94 at yahoo dotcom])

"I´m very please with my purchase. The pedagogist platform on the dvds is one of the best if i compare to previouse purchased on the same topic from other company. The information on the dvds gives me a sence of security as an audio visual aid. The step by step approach on these dvds makes it fun and easy to follow, even some a new beginners who has no knoledge in this case the foundation to salsa dancin." (Milton, miltont h198 @ hotmail_dot_com])

"The teachings of these DVD (Timing Exercises vol 1, 2 & 3) quality is outstanding. I dance for 10 years, DVDs I have seen but the your are helpful even for dancers confirmed as me." (ulrich, ul_rich006 @ hotmail dot fr)

"the dvd for ritmici exercises they are optimal on the market truly optimal product does not exist nothing of similar in order learning the rhythm very good product!" (Mauro, mauroc_2 at libero it)

"I received the DVDs and they're great. Thanks!" (Alan,

"I am very happy with the material. Just outstanding!" (Macc, manuel dot cuba])

"I have received the DVDs. I'm only on the 1st DVD out of the 4 and I'm already finding it very helpful! Due to my hearing impairment the visuals the DVD provides (hand clapping and calling out the beat numbers) helps me to not only hear what's happening but also to see what is happening! I can't wait to get through all of the DVDs. I'm starting to hear the BEAT!" (Karen, kemcarthur at

"[The Timing Exercises DVDs] are very fine, as for all the other DVD from salsaisgood, they are very clear and well done. These in particular are what I was looking for, not that i am not able to listen to music and understand rhythm, but this set can help me to improve what i already know with easy exercises. Well done. " (

"These DVDs are great" (waldinger online de)

"Sono molto soddisfatto del pacco ricevuto,trovo che sia molto utile per migliorare e sviluppare le mie conoscienze sul ballo (I am very satisfaidied on the (Timing Exercises) package, which i find very useful to improve and further develop my dance knowledge)" (edoardo cantu @at gmail dot com)

"i tuoi CD SONO FAVOLOSI. l'aiuto che stai dando alle persone come me che era quasi impossibile pensare di poter percepire la musica e meraviglioso (The DVDs are fantastic, the help you provide to people who thought it impossible to perceive the music is incredible)" (Anzhela, angy dot odessa at

"The content is very helpfull... I'm very satisfied with it" (ralf weiss email de)

"very thanks Fabio for your important work for salsa dancers" (cris, ciramaro tin it)

"'s very rich material.I'm not going to use everything in these DVDs because i'm currently dancing on 1 , sometimes on 2 with what we call 'salsa portoricaine' in France. But it 's very interesting to be able to switch between different styles. In my view salsa musicality is the most important thing in trying to dance salsa, much more important than learning a lot of figures, and these DVDs are doing their job"(mohamed_maalou at

"These Dvds are excellent!!!!" (victorfch_ at _hotmail dot com)

"I'm very happy, these DVDs are very good." (Doriano, depolli at onlinehome de)

"We are really glad to have ordered those dvd s which totally meet our expectation!." (Sabah, dansezsansfrontiere at live_dot fr)

"I bought one month ago the timing DVD salsa. They are fantastic !!!" (darith, darith dot kiv

"Ces excercices correspondent a ce que je recherchait .." (luc lucpal hotmail dot fr)

"I buy your all Timing DVDs I want to say they are great. " (Wiltrud, wiltruds @ gmx dot de)

"Estoy muy feliz aprendiendo, el método es justo lo que deseaba para entender la sincronía entre la música y el movimiento de mis pies y cuerpo. En breve voy a adquirir otros DVD's. Gracias por hacer este gran trabajo! " (Catalina, cv dot sug at])

"I received the DVDs (Timing Exercises Vol 1, 2 and 3) and, as usual, i am happy with the products" (claudio soressi @ libero . it)

".. the amount of video and exercises is immense: it will take months! Anyway, i find everything really excellent, well done in all details and, most important, very useful: it's just what i needed, i am happy with the purchase and i am following the exercises in parallel with my group classes" (pilotaroberto at libero dot it)

"I like the DVD, a simple and effective course. I finally feel more confident to dance to the rhythm" (elena dot dome _at_

"gli esercizi che ho eseguito fino ad ora sono fantastici [the exrecises are fantastic]" (Renato, saetta69 at alice dot it)

"Questo primo DVD è molto interessante per chiunque voglia imparare non solo a ballare la salsa ma a ballare la musica in generale! Il DVD è parecchio utile sia per chi vuole imparare le basi elementari di ritmica sia per chi, come me, aveva la necessità di imparare a distinguere i vari strumenti presenti in una orchestra che suona una canzone di salsa. Ottima secondo me l'idea di iniziare questo corso di ritmica con un DVD dove si parte scandendo la ritmica battendo le mani. Ideale per tutti, dal principiante al salsero più esperto!" (lucalor2013 gmail dot com )

"Hace poco tiempo que he empezado a dar clases de salsa y bachata, no había bailado antes y tengo dificultades para coordinar los movimientos y seguir la música. He comprado los dvds de salsa y bachata. Me están ayudando mucho, los recomiendo sinceramente a toda persona que tenga interés en aprender a bailar y quiera hacerlo bien siguiendo la música y marcado los tiempos, sobre todo a las personas que sean tan torpes como yo. En dos meses mis progresos son evidentes gracias a mi profesor Salvador de Salsatore y a los DVD de Salsaisgood. Muchísimas gracias" (José exp40064 at gmail com> )

"Questo primo DVD è molto interessante per chiunque voglia imparare non solo a ballare la salsa ma a ballare la musica in generale! Il DVD è parecchio utile sia per chi vuole imparare le basi elementari di ritmica sia per chi, come me, aveva la necessità di imparare a distinguere i vari strumenti presenti in una orchestra che suona una canzone di salsa. Ottima secondo me l'idea di iniziare questo corso di ritmica con un DVD dove si parte scandendo la ritmica battendo le mani. Ideale per tutti, dal principiante al salsero più esperto!" (lucalor2013 gmail dot com )


Salsa Personal Training

"I received both the DVD and the straps - Fabulous!! I dance Cuban Salsa and recently relocated ... so the chance to be able to not only practice but also to refine my technique while searching out dance partners is great. I've already started using the DVD and am so impressed with it that I will be ordering the second DVD in the next day or two. ... This is a fabulous concept, and one which you guys should be highly commended for. Keep up the good work, and many, many thanks " (Nick, nickw _ at_easynet co dot uk)

"... The format of the tape is absolutely exquisite... " (thenjhills @ msn dot com)

"I received belts and DVDs . I watched them fromt he perspective of a dance fanatic who has been dancing for more than 10 years, i was lookign for a method for my brother and i was curious about this product. I tried it and i was really impressed. .. the video is clear, the slow pace is conducive to learn ... you have done a good job!" (salsabor @ orangemail dot ch)

"I did receive the DVDS and I am enjoying them. They are excellent!" (amb4114 @ yahoo dot com)

"The salsa personal training method looked a little kooky in the video, but I liked the idea. After trying and enjoying your bachata footwork training DVD I stepped up and ordered. Awesome! After using the video for one week my range of motion increased dramatically. It even helped walking my pet dog (dog owners will know why). I'm recovering from a frozen shoulder so I'm extra appreciative of your vid." (joshua _ darlington @ yahoo . com)

"..the Personal Trainer DVD is really great new idea - thank you!" (info @ danner - pcsys . de)

"*Simone on Mecanico DJ*,, This is me after two months more or less. IT WORKS! Now Pal'piso on the dancefloor is very simple... A big thank ! You have take my salsa to the next level!" (el . triplo . bachatero @

"I can tell you that watching how good Patrice isI almost brought tears to my eyes... Next time i teach salsa I will count in french is his honor :) " (el . triplo . bachatero @

"The teaching style incorporated in these video is very unique and I have found it to be the best teaching videos that I have ever seen and I am looking forward to purchasing more of your products" (charles . coker @ mail .com)

"... the DVDs are awesome" (dmurla @ gcrconsulting . com)

"...wonderful exercises for my frozen shoulders and learn impressive patterns, thank you" (all satellites @ gmail . com)

"..fantastic!!" (Fabiano, fabiano 1965 at yahoo dot it)

"Sono felice di aver ricevuto i DVD in tempi decisamente apprezzabili e con la massima serietà ed organizzazione, grazie. Ho avuto modo di utilizzare i vostri prodotti e sono molto interessanti. Le istruzioni nel DVD sono molto chiare e semplici da seguire grazie alle diverse velocita di impostazione. Lo trovo un mezzo utilissimo per migliorarsi nello stile della salsa cubana, pertanto ho apprezzato moltissimo il vostro prodotto. Anche la navigazione sul sito è molto semplice e completa nella descrizione dei video e dei prodotti. (Your products are very interesting. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow thanks to the clips at different speed. I think it is an extremely useful method to improve your Cuban salsa. The DVD navigation is also very simple and complete)." (crgnn 70 at yahoo punto it)

From Salsa to Mambo (via Cha Cha Cha) - Testimonials

"I just want to say thank you for taking the time create this DVD. The DVDs keep getting better and better and I will be ordering more in the future" (Jacqueline, jcqlnprz at

"I love the DVD, your team did their homework. I knew there was something going on in looking at a few Puerto Ricans I have seen dancing but never new what it was, and no one ever explained it to me. I am recommending the DVD to dancers like myself that are looking to switch over to On2" (Keith, gt salsa1 at

" is excellent. It is really helping me to make the transition to on2 dancing. Great work!." (number pro at

"Thank you so much! I started dancing in September and had never done it before. I am a beginner to salsa and was taking some ballroom lessons. But that didn't get me very far in social salsa dancing. I didn't have a lot of people asking me to dance, even though I would ask them and it was frustrating. It wasn't until I started using your video that people started commenting on my improvement. Now advanced dancers will dance with me - many times! So thank you so much! The best part is I'm only up to exercise 23. I haven't practiced the full sequences. So when I do practice them I should be a pro :)" (Nora, norafazio at hotmail dot com)

"I am quite impressed by how Fabio approaches and breaks down the mambo. It is ever so important to understand the music, the patterns before we get into the fancy tricks. Fabio does a great job in breaking all this down. To all of you social dancers, practice, practice practice. " (Franklin, f _ asongwe @ yahoo dot com)

"satisfecha por el contenido de los DVD'S (Timing Exercises and Salsa to Mambo) y feliz por que puedo seguir aprendiendo con este excelente método. Mil gracias!" (Catalina, cv dot sug at

"This DVD looks like a major piece of work ! congratulations. I am back to it !" (Isaac, oleg - i at

"I like this DVD a lot. Good idea. The basic steps in cha cha and on2 i have now mastered." (Antonio, a dot mamut at vogts dot

"I appreciate that you make these videos. ... I have used the Cha-Cha to Salsa timing video. Excellent work!" (marvelous life style at earthlink net)

"I admire your invention in discovering new ways for learning salsa music. My understanding of the latin music as well as music in general is completely different, much more advanced, than lets say two-three years ago. And that is also your credit. Thank you!" (Ondrej, ondrej dot durej at gmail dotcom)

"I've received the Cha Cha and Bachata DVD's and they're great" (Clifton, cliff . joseph 2010 at googlemail com)

"The DVDs (‘Timing Exercise Vol 3’ and ‘Salsa to Mambo’) are fantastic, to improve them you will need a lot fo effort :) !! they are excellent.. soon more purchases from me" (marco, marcotucceri at hotmail dot it)

"The practice instructions (Timing Exercises, Salsa to Mambo and Bachata Vol 3) are a godsend, enabling a student to progress at his pace. What a great concept" (Gary, cedar plug at

" the videos (Salsa to Mambo and Bachata Caribbean Style) are fantastic. It was to my fortune that I found it by googling. .. I have been passing on your website to my friends. Sad that most don't want to take advantage. Where I am learning, they only teach On1 salsa and I am sure I will be ready for On2 via your cha cha to mambo course which I am thoroughly enjoying" (Roque, rjr at just good medicine com)

"I bought Salsa to Mambo via Cha Cha Cha video which is worth every buck. Now i am exposed to mambo and cha cha cha... Its really fun to know these foot works, hope to learn much more from these DVD''s (raam 4u hotmail dot com


Timing Exercises Vol 3

"This is the best timing dvd I have seen. Excellent job again. You do produce some of the finest Salsa dvd's on the market" (salsavideoreviews @ yahoo . co . nz)

"The teachings of these DVD quality is outstanding. I dance for 10 years, DVDs I have seen but the your are helpful even for dancers confirmed as me" (ulrich ul _ rich006 at

"The DVD is absolutely AMAZING. I am a satisfied customer and will by whatever timing product this company produces" (Jacqueline, jcqln prz at yahoo .com)

"the teaching is well designed, I am happy to have purchased this DVDs (Timing Exercises vol 1 2 & 3) and I recommend them to all the dancers who, like me, want to look further ahead" (fabrizio, strazzullo dot fab at gmail com)

"... I believe I am blessed to know your websites. I am really enjoying your DVDs and CD (Salsa Timing Full Set) every bit of it and I have been learning a lot and already I am getting better following the music" (Velmani, pvelmani gmail com)

"... its great, everything works great. Thank you for making such a nice DVD!" (muranyi . gergely at enoldalam . hu)

"Yours [Timing Exercises Vol 3 and 4] are the best DVD on the market" (rhinno856 at hotmail com)

"The DVDs (‘Timing Exercise Vol 3’ and ‘Salsa to Mambo’) are fantastic, to improve them you will need a lot fo effort :) !! they are excellent.. soon more purchases from me" (marco, marcotucceri at hotmail dot it)

"Your videos [Timing Exercises Vol 1, 2 & 3] are a really great help" (julien maschio 'at' free dot fr)

"The DVDs [Timing Exercises Vol 3 & 4] are fantastic" (Chris, chris d oling45 yahoo dot com au)

"Avevo in precedenza acquistato Timing Exercises Volume 1 e ho trovato molto utile questo dvd perche' mi ha fatto capire i vari ritmi degli strumenti spiegandoli molto bene quando ho imparato questo esercizio ho acquistato dopo Timing Exercises Volume 2 e Timing Exercises Vol 3. Io ho trovato molto utili questi altri due dvd perche' mi hanno fatto imparare passo dopo passo come seguire il ritmo della musica con i piedi, e' come avere un insegnante di salsa che ti dice quali passi muovere e come fare seguendo i vari ritmi musicali degli strumenti e le varianti da fare con i piedi. Io con questi tre dvd ho imparato ad ascoltare gli strumenti e eseguire i passi sui vari ritmi e con questi esercizi i miei piedi e le mie gambe ora sono piu' sicure e piu' sciolte nel muoversi e seguire il ritmo della salsa. Io sono completamente soddisfatto dell'acquisto e dei dvd e lo consiglio a tutti quelli che vogliono cominciare a imparare la musica salsa e conoscere i ritmi degli strumenti e eseguire correttamente i passi di salsa, esso e' come avere un istruttore (sempre a disposizione) che ti insegna passo per passo cosa fare e nel modo corretto. I dvd sono spiegati molto bene e non credo esistono dvd migliori di questi,fidatevi" (Fiore, ninofiore25 at gmai dot .com)

"A big way the timing excercises have helped so far, is breaking down the music by individual instrument. In class, we had just started to learn the different clave beats, but it wasnt until I heard them individually on the timing discs that it clicked for me, and I can now tell a 2-3 from 3-2 and a son from rumba clave, very exciting for me! One other thing I found very useful in the timing dvd's is the counter at the bottom, and ability to turn on and off counting and clapping sounds. I found volume 3 also lead very well through the excercises, by first slowing them right down with the counts. " (Rebecca, becfrancis540 at gmail . com)

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