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London with Style, Vol 1.

Level: Advanced

Style: On1, On2

Content: Turn patterns and shines.

General Comment: A curious DVD, read on to see why. I will write this review by reporting my impressions in the same order as they developed while watching it, in order to explain my amazement.

This DVD contains turn patterns and shines. They are well explained, with precise instructions and clear demonstrations. The turn patterns are not ground-breaking, but they do a good job of standard repertoire and mix it with intelligence plus some extra ingredients here and there. As in other DVDs from London, both demonstrations and explanations are given both On1 and On2; however, the two styles are danced exactly the same, (with the exception of the counting of course); you will not see in these two interpretations any of the 4000 miles dividing On1 LA from On2 NY. Ditto for the shines. Instructions are given only from Tamambo (the guy) and a skilled partner helps only in the turn patterns demonstration (= no shines for ladies).

I am getting closer to the curiosity I mentioned before.. the lack of styling difference between the On1 and On2 versions are just one example of a general lack of flair in the entire DVD. The material is nice and well explained, but lacks bite and flavour, which leads me to think that this DVD would be useful only for dancers needing to replenish their repertoire. This impression was strengthened by the shine session, which surely did not impress me.. but hang on.

Here finally is the curiosity I mentioned before. At the end of the instruction you see a performance from Tamambo and his group.. and well, the guy surely can dance! So I was wrong, the guy has style.. I just wonder why it did not come out in the instruction. And this is not all. After Tamambo kisses us goodbye and you think the DVD is well over and you are ready to eject it, suddenly new clips pop out, including one which looks like an impromptu solo show during the setting up of a party.. Gosh, Tamambo is amazing!! Clearly influenced by Frankie Martinez, you see not just style and flaire but personality, sharpness, creativity, technique.. all of it!!

So, here is my interpretation of the puzzle: I think Tamambo is a fantastic dancer who probably thought is was better, for instructional purposes, to remove distractions from the DVD and concentrate on explaining the material with no decorations. At the end he says he will come out with new products soon.. I look forward to it and let’s hope he will teach us some of the material in that last clip!

Reviewed by Fabio from SalsaIsGood - Good

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