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Salsa & Mambo Video Reviews


Melissa Fernandez

Mel's Moves: Ladies Styling


Level: Intermediate

Style: LA

Content: Styling moves for the cross body lead; examples of moves during a guy's break and shines with styling elements. Bonues: Afro-Cuban rumba, spins, arm styling & headrolls. Includes: Bloopers, Introduction, MSB Fever Show & Show with Cristian Oviedo

General Comment: The material is good and delivered in Melissa's usual exhuberant, confident and faultless style. There are a lot of useful elements which have been broken down very well so that you can imagine being able to do them yourself. An intemediate dancers should be able to pick up most of the styling moves with some practice. What lets this video down badly is the filming which is very jerky when she dances at normal speed.

Reviewed by Ally - Good

Ladies Styling


Level: Int-Adv

Style: LA

Content: Styling and shines

General Comment:You know what to expect from Melissa's DVD: unlimited energy, bubbling enthusiasm, flamboyant moves and the fireworks of LA style at its most incendiary level. No surprises then to find out this is contained in this DVD as well. Seven routines, each a few bars long, are demonstrated to music, broken down to count and then explained in detail. The routine include the works... arms, legs, hips, fingers, smiles and footwork to impress your fellow dancers, provided you have enough space on the dance floor.

Reviewed by Fabio - Ok


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