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Salsa & Mambo Video Reviews


Johnny Vazquez

Azteca Patterns

Level: Advanced

Style: LA

Content: Turn Patterns.

General Comment: Every time I review an LA style DVD I feel the need to point out that I am not a fan of the style and that I find all its defining features just a bit too much. Johnny Vasquez is surely one of the most extraordinary representatives of the style and he really takes it to the limit. Nevertheless, despite the fact that it is not my thing, I have to say I enjoyed the DVD. Johnny is as flashy and quick as ever, but he has also developed as a dancer - much more precise, sharper and more ‘elegant’ in his exuberance. The teaching is also very well done: despite the turn patterns are advanced level, the teaching is very slow and will surely give you time to absorb all the details. Johnny teaches the male part in Spanish while his partner Jennifer Silvas provides the description of the lady’s part in English. If you are not bilingual you do not need to worry too much because I think you will be able to manage all the details for both follower and leader anyway.

The moves are mostly taken from Johnny’s old repertoire, some of which are what has make him famous; here and there you can also pick up some new ideas, but I think the value of this DVD lies mostly in the style and the energy.. perfect for those who want to dance and impress.. and Johnny is indeed very impressive.

Reviewed by Fabio from SalsaIsGood - Good

Descarga 54

Level: Advanced

Style: LA

Content: Shines.

General Comment: If you have followed salsa for a few years, you will surely remember being amazed in the late 90s at Johnny’s supersonic triple back spins, his splits, his acrobatics, his energy plus much more. After many years he has released this DVD, his first and well overdue. I had lost contact with his dancing for a few years and was glad to find him just as ‘crazy’ and possibly even more amazing than before. With his speed intact, the precision of his dancing a great deal shaper and a repertoire widened by rumba and some hip hop tricks, watching him still makes my jaw drop. If you like his style, and LA style in general, you can hardly find anyone to envy more; if you don’t particularly like LA style, like me, you can still be left wondering what kind of technical and physical ability makes certain steps possible.

This is a free-style DVD. The shines are well taught, and well demonstrated, with explanation of all the details. Not that this will make them any more accessible unless you are also exceptionally gifted; nor are the steps material for a night club, but rather for stage performance or for when you are in the mood to impress. Having said that, I enjoyed watching this DVD a lot, though I won’t even try the steps since I know I have no chance, I am only human after all..

Reviewed by Fabio from SalsaIsGood - Good

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