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Salsa with the Stars
New Moves on1, on2 & Cuban

2 DVDs - $60 $50
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  Music By Jimmy Bosch

Ismael Otero & Juliette Hashemi Caribbean Soul New York
Joel & Ana Massicot Masacote Entertainment Boston/Cambridge
Oren Shoshan & Julia Gonzalez SalsaVibes Australia
Sekou McMiller & Leah Patterson Descarga Caribe Dancers
Patrice Martial & Juliette Freminet Salsa a la Cubana Paris, France
Troy Anthony & Maricza Valentin Latin Motions & Latin Rhythms Chicago
Mike Lozado & Janet Trotto Karisma Dance Company New York
Sharif Sprockel & Debbie Beaujon Salsation Dance Group Curacao, Dutch Antilles
Jeffrey & Candice Schmidt  Salsation Dance Group Curacao, Dutch Antilles
Seaon "Stylist" Bristol & Nari Son Salsain Entertainment Los Angeles / Korea
Griselle Ponce & Jossue "Josh" Torres Runway On 2 Salsa Dance School  New York
Amanda Estilo Karisma Dance Company New York
Duplessey-Monic Walker & Andy Cruz Los Soneros del Swing (Andy) New York / Chicago
Duplessey-Monic Walker & Adolfo Indacochea Mamboss (Adolfo) New York
Lee Rios & Maria Falcon Semeneya Dance Company & Xaxabis Dance Compan Houston, Texas
Eric Turro & Odaysis Valdes Bar at Buena Vista Show Havana, Cuba
Johnny & Andres Giraldo Salsa y Control Boston
Rudsel Magdalena & Marysol Rodriguez Salsation Dance Group Curacao, Dutch Antilles
Chris Allen, Barbara Bernstein, Victoria-Hadar Harel, Maki Kato, Christopher Rogicki & Kayo Shinohara DanceInTime & Bailatina Rueda Groups, New York & Washington DC
Anna Lumsden SalsaIsGood Guest Dancer Perth/London

Volume 1

Routine 1 Figure 1 Ismael & Juliette Joel & Ana Oren & Julia Sekou & Leah  
Figure 2 Ismael & Juliette Joel & Ana Oren & Julia Sekou & Leah  
Figure 3 Ismael & Juliette Joel & na Oren & Julia Sekou & Leah DanceInTime & Bailatina
Routine 2 Figure 4 Patrice & Juliette Troy & Maricza Mike& Janet Sharif & Debbie DanceInTime & Bailatina
Figure 5 Patrice & Juliette Troy & Maricza Mike & Janet    
Figure 6 Patrice & Juliette Troy & Maricza Mike & Janet    
Routine 3 Figure 7 Seaon & Nari Griselle & Josh Jeffrey & andice Amanda Estilo  

Volume 2

Routine 3 Figure 8 Patrice & Juliette Griselle& Josh Jeffrey & Candice Amanda Estilo
Figure 9 Seaon & Nari Griselle & Josh Jeffrey & Candice Amanda Estilo
Routine 4 Figure 10 Duplessey & Andy Lee & Maria Eric & Odaysis Duplessey & Adolfo
Figure 11 Duplessey & Andy Lee & Maria

Andres & Maria

Figure 12

Duplessey & Adolfo

Lee & Maria Eric & Odaysis  
Routine 5 Figure 13 Johnny & Maria Rudsel & Marysol Patrice & Juliette  
Figure 14 Johnny & Maria Rudsel & Marysol Eric & Odaysis  
Figure 15 Johnny & Maria Rudsel & Marysol Eric & Odaysis  

Adolfo Indacochea Velazco Biography


Adolfo was born and raised in Lima, Peru. He moved to Monterrey, Mexico when he was 19 to study industrial engineering. It was there that he began to learn to dance salsa. He began performing with Salzumba Dance Company. After ten months he left the group and began dancing on his own and teaching in Mexico. In January of 2004 he moved to San Antonio, Texas where he continued to learn and teach with the Semeneya Dance Company, also teaching and performing with partner Claudia Vazques. In September 2004 he moved to New York City where he continued to learn and develop as a dancer with instructor Victor Mayovanex. At that time, he partnered up with Amanda Estilo whom he performed with for 8 months. In February 2005 he began dancing under the instruction of his mentor Eddie Torres.

Adolfo started out dancing on 1. It wasn't until 2003, that he developed a passion for on2 dancing when he saw Eddie Torres and his Dancers perform at the New York Salsa Congress. He continued dancing and performing on1 while learning to dance on 2 until it became his natural and preferred style.

He has taught at Monterrey Salsa festival 2004, Houston Salsa Congress 2004, Texas Salsa Open 2004, Texas Salsa Congress 2005 and Washington Salsa congress 2005.

His performances include the Puerto Rico Salsa Congress 2002, Mardi Gras Mambo festival 2003, Texas Salsa Open 2004, New York Salsa Congress 2004, Houston Salsa Congress 2004, Monterrey Salsa Festival 2004, San Francisco Salsa Congress 2004, Texas Salsa Congress 2005, Mambo Showdown (NY) Febrero 2005, Boston Salsa Congress 2005. Washington Salsa Congress 2005. Mambo Showdown (NY) August 2005. "Picante" Latin Jazz Festival, Ohio 2005. NY/NJ Salsa Festival 2005 (Eddie Torres Dancers)

Adolfo Salsa

Adolfo Mambo

Amanda Estilo Biography

Dance Company name: Karisma Dance Company
Amanda Estilo Salsa Mambo
Web site address:

Amanda, the "Queen of Styling" started dancing as a young girl in the Dominican Republic with family and friends. Her first competition was with Julio De La Salsa. Soon after, she performed with Eddie Torres "The Mambo King", Seaon Bristol, Jose "El Canario", Tito Puentes, and many others. She is always sexy and graceful on the dance floor but a humble and genuine person inside.

Seaon has descibed her as follows: "No one has the grace, the elegance, the class and definitely the STYLE like her. She has a way of commanding the dance floor and making an audience spellbound when watching her perform." She attributes her strong presence on the dance floor to the music and her interpretation of it as she dances.

For Amanda styling is everything, with the exception of when it interferes with the lead of her partner. She believes that styling is simply an extension of your personality and what you are feeling from the music. She loves performing and also the unplanned element of social dancing.

Amanda always aims to share her talents through the constant development, growth, and encouragement of other dancers via instruction both verbally and technically.

Amanda Estilo

Videos: Ladies styling by Amanda Estilo

Anna Lumsden Biography

Contact: Anna Lumsden

Anna is primarily a ballroom dancer who loves to dance salsa socially and has been a popular dancer in the Perth salsa scene until her March 2006 departure for London. She is the guest dancer with Fabio in "Salsa with the Stars" for the instructional demonstration of the turn patterns before their interpretation by the stars. We think she is a star in her own right!

Her recent acheivements have included:

AID Blue Riband Championships
13th March 2005 - Latin Results, Adult Level 3 (C) Latin, 2nd place with Mark Tto and Adult Level 2 (D) Latin, 2nd place with
Mark Tto.

DMIA Metropolitan Championships
10 April 2005- Latin Results
Adult Level 2 (D) Latin, first place with Mark Tto

ADS Night of Stars Championships
12 & 18 June 2005- Latin Results
Adult Level 3 (C) Latin, 3rd place with Mark Ho,
Adult Level 2 (D) Latin, first place with Mark Tto

DMIA Fremantle Championships
28th August 2005- Latin Results 2nd place with Mark Tto and Adult Level 2 (D) Latin, first place with Mark Tto.

We wish Anna all the best in London and with her dancing competitions in the UK!

Duplessey-Monic Walker and Andy Cruz: Biographies

Web site address:


Contact: Duplessey-Monic Walker
Andy Cruz

Eddie Torres, New York's Mambo King recounts a story of being underage and snuck into New York Latin hotspots like the Palladium and Corso by his big sister. That lady was Duplessey's mom! Mambo dancing is Duplessey's family legacy, her father a percussionist and her mother a natural born dancer. Eddie Torres, her uncle, dance partner and mentor for almost two decades is a witness to the legacy that has been passed down from his sister to him to her. Duplessey began studying dance at age two.

She received intensive ballet training from the Kirov ballet in Budapest, Hungary. Jazz, modern and tap training from Suny Purchase College, flamenco training from Ballet Hispanico and salsa/mambo, afro-Cuban training from, the Boys Harbor "El Museo Del Barrio." Duplessey's mambo career spans over seventeen years since 1987.

Duplessey Mambo
Duplessey has an Associate's degree in Dance from Point Park College, and her academic accomplishments include a Master's degree in Psychology from Pace University. Duplessey's rare combination of formal dance training, academia and passion enables her to be a detailed, organized and commanding Latin dance instructor and performer. Performances include Radio City Music Hall, Lincoln Center, Madison Square Garden, Manhattan Center, Town Hall, Symphony Space Center and the 1996 Olympics with Wynton Marsallis, to name a few. Touring internationally in the early nineties she and her uncle were pioneers in spreading their love of mambo/salsa dance worldwide. Recent accomplishments include dance captain and assistant choreographer and to an Atlantic City Latin Dance Production. New York's El Diario, "La Prensa" named her "Una Joven Leyenda (A young legend)," en el movido mundo de la salsa and Univision channel 47 deemed her teaching style and class as a great preventative measure to promote good health. Duplessey is incredibly grateful and joyous to continue spreading her love of the music and dance carrying on her family legacy!
She teaches her own signature brand of ladies' styling, spinning & shine choreography. Duplessey exudes style, power and presence on the dance floor. She has it in her blood; she's Eddie's niece!
Duplessey Mambo Andy "Lyrik" Cruz at the age of 23 has taken the world of Dance by storm. Born and raised in Chicago of Puerto Rican descent his love for dance started as a Childhood dream to be on a stage and demonstrate his Talent. At the age of 11 he formed part of "VIVA LA GENTE DE CHICAGO" and at the same time formed part of a Puerto Rican Folkloric dance group "YUBA". Having a passion for his native music at the age of 13, Andy decided to form part of the first Puerto Rican folkloric youth dance company of Chicago " Las Semillitas".

After 7 years with Las Semillitas Cruz felt that it was time to part ways. In 1998, at the age of 17 he followed his vision and founded " Los Jóvenes Del Swing Dance Company" which is now an international touring company and made appearances throughout Florida, Illinois, Indiana, New York, Texas, Puerto Rico and Mexico.

Cruz has collaborated and has choreographed for Latin artist such as Michael Stuart, Brenda K. Starr, Oscar D'Leon, Fulanito, Los Homeboys, Ashley and hip-hop artist COMMON. He has also been part of dance productions held in some of chicago's most prestigious theatres such as Dance Africa, Dance Chicago and the LIFE showcase, with dance companies such as Urban Credo, L.I.F.E. and the internationally known hip-hop troupe Culture Shock. Andy is also the official choreographer of the Ms. Belleza Latina National Pageant system that has already been held in cities such as Orlando, Fl., Chicago, IL. San Antonio,TX. And this year in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Some of Cruz's television credits include appearing on UPN's television pilot "Kevin's Room" as a principal hip-hop dancer, Telemundos "Despierta America", WGN's "Jenny Jones", "Its Showtime at the Apollo" and the early morning news for FOX, ABC and NBC.

In 2003 Cruz decided to turn his youth company into a more mature and professional Latin dance company with higher standards. Since the inception of Los Soneros Del Swing in February 2003, Cruz has been able to lead this team into World Dance Festivals throughout Detroit , Los Angeles , Philadelphia, Boston, Texas, New York, Miami, Puerto Rico, Mexico, France and Italy. By end of 2003 Andy Cruz and Los Soneros Del Swing Dance Company became the most sought-out Latin dance company of Chicago and were the first Latin dance company of Chicago to complete a European tour throughout Italy and France.

Besides becoming a world wide instructor he still continues to extend a hand to youth of his community by forming the new edition of Los Jovenes Del Swing which is a non-for- profit youth dance organization that serves the kids in the puerto rican community of Humboldt Park where he trains them in different areas of dance like jazz, hip-hop and every style of Latin dance.

Known for his energy, innovation and charismatic presence Andy Cruz is a name that you will always link to Latin dance internationally. Still working on the growth of his career he currently manages the Dance Academy of Salsa and Modern Latin Dance which is home to both of his dance companies and is the most sought-out entertainment director and choreographer for the top nightclub venues in the city. Now on the road of being one the newest acts on the World Salsa Congress Tour there will be a lot more to see from him. Through his passion and dedication Cruz has become one of the most complete and decorated Latin dancers in the city. Continuing to go on to new horizons he continues to put Chicago on the map in the world of dance

Videos: Duplessey Walker - Instructional DVD

Eric Turro & Odaysis Valdes: Biographies

Dance Company name: The Bar at Buena Vista show  
Web site address:  
Contact: Eric -

Eric Turro Martinez, 38 is the organiser and choreographer of musical shows as well as being the dancer, artistic director and founder of the "comparza espectaculo la mazucamba" and the company of traditional dance and traditional Son "sabor caribeno", which, for 3 years, worked in the national Hotels on the coast near Havana. He is the choreographer and also dances in the Bar at Buena Vista show with Odaysis Valdes. He lives in Hamburg, Germany. Odaysis lives in Havana, Cuba and can be contacted through Eric preferably in Spanish.

Eric Turro Son



Griselle Ponce & Jossue "Josh" Torres: Biographies

Dance Company name: Runway On2 Salsa Dance School; Taima Dancers  
Web site address:; - Josh  

Contact: - Griselle - Josh - Josh



Griselle Ponce is one of the top New York/New Jersey area dancers. Former Model of Television show Sabado 47, Telemundo, she is a performer & instructor and founder of her own' Taima' Dancers, an afro Puertorrican Ballet. Griselle is a former member of the Caribbean Soul Dancers from NJ. Today, she has traveled domestically and internationally to conduct workshops and performances which have allowed her to expand her teaching and dancing abilities. She carries her sexiness on the dance floor like a second skin, and projects an energy that is alive and captivating to watch. Griselle currently has her own instructional DVD "Ladies Styling" by Griselle Ponce and is already working on her second video coming soon..

She was one of the original Caribbean Soul Dancers of NJ, directed by Ismael Otero. In 1996 she met Ismael and they started working together, Ismael as a choreographer and Griselle as a dancer. She has been a feature dancer for Frankie Negron, Tito Puentes, El Gran Combo, Sonora Poncena, Celia Cruz, Jose Alberto"El Canario" and many others.

Maintaining a strong commitment to Latin music and the community, Griselle teaches Salsa, afro-Latin dances such as Bomba y plena at her own Runway on 2 Modeling and Dance Studio, NJ. She is known for her unique lady's style!

Jossue Torres was the founder and director of Runway on 2 Modeling and Dance School. Former member of Caribbean Soul Dancers of New Jersey. His charisma, love and passion towards Latin music had helped him in accomplishing and succeeding in many projects. Josh as they all know him has traveled and performed domestically as well as internationally. His style of dancing is very unique, as some say "Straight from the Island" of Puerto Rico.

He has conducted many workshops and performances for many in state-out state Universities. He has appeared on Sabado 47 "Telemundo", Sabado Gigante, "Univision", Estrellas de la Musica, Estrellas al Despertar, NY Rockwell Performing Art Center, New Jersey Symphony Hall, New Jersey Peforming Art Center, festivals, parades, congresses, etc. Jossue has won 4x International "Sabado Gigante". In 1999 he was 1st place winner at the International Salsa Competition in Washington DC and the 2001 Dance-a-thon at Jersey Garden. Jossue has performed for many Latin singers and bands such as Ismael Miranda, Gran Combo, Jose Alberto "El Canario", Nino Segarra, Sonora Poncena, and more...

During the past few years, Jossue has being actively involved with the community by teaching different types of Latin dances such as Salsa, Merengue, Guajira, Plena, etc. By doing this it gives the opportunity to kids and adults to learn and come together in this wonderful world of dance. Favorite Quote: "Salsa is my passion, but Dancing is my Life!"

Griselle Ponce


Jossue Torres

Videos: Ladies styling by Griselle

Ismael Otero and Juliette Hashemi: Biographies

Dance Company name: Caribbean Soul Dancers Ismael Oter
Web site address:

Contact: Ismael Otero -


The Caribbean Soul Dance Company was founded in 1997. Ismael Otero aka "The Million Moves Man" wanted to show everyone his unique style and bring the best out of his dancers.

Together they have travelled all over the world to give everybody a taste of their special Caribbean Soul.


Using the creative dance form of the streets, combined with technique and a passion for the music, Ismael Otero created Caribbean Soul, known around the world as one of most exhilerating salsa dance groups who have maintained their place at the top of the game for more than 8 years. Dancers in his team have all been trained extensively to develop their individual style whilst setting a high performance standard. They are original, exciting, funny, and complex, but most of all "unique".

Ismael himself is always modest though he is a salsa icon. He is one of the most sincere, down to earth, humorous, and genuine "Salsa stars" that you will ever come across. He gets along with everyone in the salsa scene probably as he is confident enough not to need to compete with them and a reason why he gets invited to more congresses probably than anyone else. He is innovative and daring in his approach to salsa and the influence of break-dancing and hip-hop are evident in his dancing. He is not constrained by rules and likes to dance by feeling not thinking which is why his partners find him so much fun!

Juliette Hashemi started dancing salsa in Paris, France in 2003 just for fun since at that time she didn't even know how to do a basic step! She never took any lessons because as a student it was too expensive for her at that time. She would go out as much as possible and ask everyone to dance even though she couldn't follow. But after a while she started getting the steps right and could then really enjoy herself. She says: "The more you learn the more excited you get, and it makes you want to improve and learn more."

A year later she left Paris for New York to study at college. Three weeks later she met Ismael Otero at the Flamingo. They danced just once and less than an hour later he asked her to join Caribbean soul. Juliette describes this as an incredible moment for her. As she says: "I couldn't believe what was happening to me!!"

The next day she went to the group rehearsal and just loved everything about it - the routine was nice and the people were great, welcoming her as if she was already in the team.

Juliette recalls: "Dancing with Caribbean Soul Dancers was my best salsa experience, my whole year in New York was great but dancing had a big part in it. Thanks to Ismael I got to travel and perform in congresses I would have never imagined going to, we went to L.A., New Orleans, Chicago, Boston, Texas. I was taught a lot during this year (technique, spinning, styling.) and I gained in confidence too."

She left the US in August 2005 and started her life again in France. She is now dancing with Uforia Dance Company, a French company that is also traveling a lot.

"I'm proud to say that I had the great opportunity to dance with such a great team and to learn with one of the bests. Hopefully things will keep on being as good, even though I changed country and team, but diversity is what helps us improve. " says Juliette.


Jeffrey & Candice Schmidt: Biographies

Dance Company name: Salsation Dance Company  
Web site address:  
Contact: Jeff -
Candice -

Jeff Schmidt and Candice Schmidt from Curacao in the Netherlands Antilles give private partnering lessons & courses and workshops at congresses. They specialize in: partnering, spin techiques & ladies styling workshops. They have also been judges in several international competitions.




Jimmy Bosch Biography

Web site address:



In demand sideman, moñero extraordinaire, and passionate enjoyer of life are phrases that have accurately described trombonist Jimmy Bosch. Jimmy has made records or performed with the most impressive names in the business: Ruben Blades, Marc Anthony, Eddie Palmieri, Celia Cruz, La India, Ray Barretto, Israel Cachao Lopez, and Son del Solar, Willie Colon, Manny Oquendo, Paquito D'Rivera, Oscar De Leon, Jose Alberto "El Canario," , FANIA Allstar, Charlie Palmieri, Steve Turre, Incognito, and the list goes on. The song "Lluvia Viento y Caña" was written for Bosch by Israel "Cachao" Lopez.

An expressive playing style, marked by flaring melodies and soulful rhythms, has made Jimmy Bosch one of the leading trombone players in contemporary Latin music. Bosch has led his own group, the Masters, since 1996.

Bosch, one of 9 children raised in a poor family with Puerto Rican Parents in 1959, began playing trombone in school at age 11. He was given the opportunity to learn an instrument in the fifth grade in grammar school in Hoboken. He asked for a saxophone, thinking it would be cool, but was offered a trombone instead and soon fell in love with it. He quickly found that he had a talent for improvisation which remains his forte.

By 13 years of age Jimmy was playing with local Latin bands, first a merengue band called Arcoires, then a salsa group named La Caliente. Jimmy also perormed in La Sonica, a two trombone group from Elizabeth, New Jersey, which included two other future Libre members, sonero Herman Olivera (who sings on Soneando Trombón ) and conguero Roberto Carrero.

In 1978 Jimmy started visiting New York's Latin clubs to see bands play and began fantasising that one day he'd be up there on stage performing with them. Meanwhile, Jimmy's older sister, living in the Bronx, had been persistently boasting about Jimmy's musical prowess to her sister-in-law's husband, bandleader Dave Aleon. Dave finally relented and allowed Jimmy to attend a rehearsal of his group Conjunto Aleon. Jimmy's solos thrilled Dave so much that he invited him to join the band.

At the Aleon session Jimmy met respected trombonist Eddie Hernández (aka Eddie Iglesias) and bassist Toti Negrón from Bobby Rodríguez y La Compañia. Eddie invited Jimmy to sit in and jam with La Compañia at clubs. An invitation he quickly took up.

He got into the habit of taking his trombone along to clubs, standing in front of the band and asking permission to come up on stage and take a solo, hoping to be accepted into a major salsa band. In 1978, his dream came true when he was hired by Andy Gonzalez to work with Conjunto Libre kick-starting his exceptional career and prolific discography.

Meanwhile Jimmy did a stint with the band of Puerto Rican tres guitarist Charlie Rodríguez and augmented Orquesta Novel, a swinging charanga (flute and strings band) founded in the '60s. With Orquesta Novel Jimmy recorded A Mi Me Gustó (1981) and Prestige (1984) on Fania.

He made his professional debut with a Hoboken-based merengue band, Arcoires. In 1978, Bosch enrolled in the classical music department at Rutgers University and became a member of the influential Salsa band Manny Oquendo Y Libre. Bosch's debut album as a bandleader, Soneando Trombon, features guest appearances by Cuban trumpet legend Chocolate Armenteros and vocalist Pete Rodriguez. Salsa Dura followed in 1999.


Jimmy worked as salsa romántica superstar Marc Anthony's musical director, adding the creole fire, just prior to his bandleading project. Once established as musical director, Jimmy began to harden and stretch the boundaries of Anthony's soft romantic style. "So little by little, we started to open up numbers for some riffs or moñas and for some trombone solos like in 'Nadie Como Ella' and 'Se Me Sigue Olvidando' (both tracks originally from Anthony's Grammy nominated triple platinum chart-topper Todo A Su Tiempo on Soho Latino, 1995), which the band was not doing up to that point. At the same time he remained committed to his personal vision, the salsa dura movement, and was still able to show up powerfully and responsibly for Marc Anthony on all levels.

Jimmy turned next to his mid-'90s stint with salsa romántica diva La India: where he brought the element of aggressive playing in the brass section to that party also. Jimmy also launched a solo project at Greenwich Village's preeminent world beat club S.O.B.'s in 1996. After gaining the opportunity to play there he went to work, starting to put music together and for the first time in his life wrote songs and wrote arrangements, which he'd never done before which became a vision come true for him.

This connection eventually turned into a recording contract with RykoLatino. From the mid-'80s to the early '90s, Jimmy was a sideman with the vibrant young band of veteran conguero Ray Barretto. He also played with the Brooklyn-based Lebrón Brothers among others.

Soneando Trombon, his debut album, was released in 1998 and featured a big band, including well-known Latin musicians: trumpeter Alfredo "Chocolate" Armenteros, bassist Andy Gonzalez and vocalists Jimmy Sabater and Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez; playing a mix of Latin styles, including the "salsa dura" ("hard salsa"), of which Bosch is a leading exponent. Bosch not only plays a virtuoso trombone but is bandleader on the recording. His follow up album, Salsa Dura featured guests Steve Turre and Chucho Valdes and was as diverse and hard driving as the debut album.

Jimmy has been featured as a soloist and/or with the Jimmy Bosch band throughout the world in major venues and festivals including Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, North Sea Jazz (Holland), Tempo Latino (France), Heineken Jazz Festival (Puerto Rico), Montreal Jazz (Canada), Madison Square Garden, Continental Arena, Sidney Festival (Australia), Barranquijazz (Columbia). Bosch is and shall continue to be hailed by international audiences and critics for his magical ability to impart his contagious passion and spirit to the masses both live and in his recordings. His new production is no exception as "El Avión De La Salsa" amasses rave reviews.

"El Avión De La Salsa" demonstrates and solidifies his commitment to keeping it raw and telling it like it is. Bosch's autobiographical song lyrics masterfully portrayed on the 11 tracks, addresses ever day situations and social issues with a frankness that makes him a role model to fans. Co-produced with long time musician and friend, Angel Fernandez, this is a dancer's dream, with hard driving rhythms combining Mambo, Cha Cha Cha, Descarga, Plena, Guaguanco and more. The title track immediately stimulates a physical reaction to move and dance. Songs with social content include "Barreras Ningua" which covers the subject of Cancer, "Medicina No!" which covers the refusal of medicine to treat depression first off and the subject of New York pride, and "Mama Y Papa" which acts as a voice for children speaking out about unconditional love and child abuse. Bosch's music is inspirational. He has a special talent for getting his message across through great arrangements, hard driving rhythms, emphatic solos, swinging montunos and expressive inspirations.

CDs: El Avión de la Salsa; Salsa Dura; Soneando Trombon

Joel & Ana
Dance Company Name:
Masacote Entertainment

Web Site Address:

Joel "Masacote" Massicot
Ana Tinajero Massicot ana@


Joel & Ana "Masacote" Massicot are founders of Masacote Entertainment, a music, dance, and photography company based in Boston, MA.  The company's mission is to promote the advancement of and foster an appreciation for the art of salsa and various music forms on an international scope through music expression, dance performance, and the use of imagery.

The duet is dedicated to conveying a message through their choreography, using dance and music composition as an artistic medium.  The Massicots are known for their innovative choreography, energetic performances, connection on and off the dance floor, and unique sense of musicality.  They are taking salsa to an artistic level, fusing the intoxicating rhythms of music with the sensual Latin movements of dance into a self-expression of cultural identity.

many video clips to download from their website.


  • Joel & Ana dance and teach salsa on 1, mambo on 2, and cha cha cha.
  • Joel and Ana offer privates for individuals/couples or semi-privates for groups of 3-4 people.  Packages of 5 or 10 privates are also available and HIGHLY recommended.  They start out all privates by dancing with you to assess your skill level.  They then develop a plan on what will be most helpful to accomplish your goals.
  • Masacote Entertainment offers periodic Mambo/Salsa workshops in Boston, MA. The workshops are taught On 2 (and at times On 1) by Ana and Joel Massicot, with varying material.  For more information on their next monthly workshop, please contact them.
  • Joel and Ana travel nationally within the US and internationally for performances and workshops.  Visit their website today to find out where they will be next.


Johnny & Andres Giraldo: Biographies

Dance Company name: Salsa Y Control Dance Company  
Web site address:

Contact: Johnny -

Andres -

Andres Giraldo was born in Medellin, Colombia in 1981. He grew up listening to salsa music with his father and in 1990 he moved to the US. In 1995 he got more involved with dancing and performing, joining a Colombian Folk dance group called BAJUCOL. This is when he gained the performing, choreographing, teaching and dancing experience next to his brother Johnny. In 1999 his love for salsa music led him to become more focused in improving his dance skills after attending the D.C Salsaweb Convention. After coming back home, he decide to learn more of the dance and started to look for a group to join. In 2000 he joined Jamnastics, Boston's first salsa group. Mambo

Salsa dancing became his first priority and he fell in love with it. By practicing everyday and after a lot of hard work, he became the main instructor and dancer of both companies. During that time he was part of BAJUCOL, Jamnastics, and on the side he started performing duets and choreographing with his brother Johnny. After much demand to see these two brothers perform, both decided to create their own dance company named Salsa Y Control in 2002. In 2004 the dance company became official, by adding more dancers and focusing more in their style they started performing locally and nationally becoming one of Boston's finest and most recognized dance groups.

As a result, he has had the pleasure and privilege of teaching and performing with Salsa y Control at some of the most prestigious events and congress around the country in places such as Boston, New York, L.A, Miami, Texas, Utah, San Francisco, Washington, and many other major US cities. Andres' love for salsa music is shown when he dances as every dance is just as unique as is every song. Andres is know for his crazy turn patterns, complicated, fast footwork and body movement, but especially his musicality. When he dances he knows almost every song!

Johnny Giraldo has been dancing for as long as he can remember and has been teaching locally in the Boston area and nationally since 1998. His passion for Salsa emerged at an early age in his native Colombia, listening to this fascinating music, as his father would play his favorite tapes and LPs just for mere pleasure. The interest and love for the music kept growing in Johnny and prompted him to start collecting music and learn more about the genre. This became his primary hobby and a big part of his life.


In 1995, after 5 years of residing in the United States, Johnny decided to join Columbian group BAJUCOL with his brother Andres. He did this as a way to stay connected with his Colombian heritage and to live his dream of dancing and performing on various stages. With BAJUCOL, he gained experience in performing, choreographing and teaching. After nine years in the group, Johnny decided to focus on establishing his own dance company "Salsa y Control" with his brother Andres. Johnny and Andres had already been dancing duets since their participation in BAJUCOL. After much demand they begin performing all over Boston and New England gaining lots of recognition in Boston's fast growing Salsa scene.

Johnny's passion for salsa is expressed equally though his performances, classes, or while he is social dancing. He believes strongly in connecting with the music and most importantly with your partner. The love for what he does and the experience he has obtained throughout the years has placed him as one of the top instructors/performers from Boston.

Video Clips: Available from their website

Lee Rios & Maria Falcon: Biographies

Dance Company name: Semeneya Dance Company  
Web site address: - Maria - Lee


Lee Rios and Maria Falcon are based out of San Antonio, Texas and have been dancing together for about 4 years. Together they stand out for their unique style both in social partner work as well as in choreographies. They have taught in various congress both nationally and internationally; sharing their knowledge and inspiring many to "get addicted" to Salsa.

Lee Rios is founder and director of Semeneya Dance Company and Studios. He has studied, taught, and performed Salsa and Merengue as well as many other traditional Puerto Rican Folk Dances for more than 15 years. Lee was born in Texas and raised in a Puerto Rican, military family.


He was drawn into the art of Salsa from an early age, when the movie "Salsa" became his inspiration in the early 80's. The seed was planted then, ready to grow, but put on hold due to military and traveling circumstances.

At the early age of twelve, this seed was finally nourished when he joined a local group called Nuestras Raices. The group gave him an opportunity to study and perform with them and learn the rhythm and nature of Puerto Rican folklore and Salsa.

At the age of 20, with the encouragement of his peers, Lee took a leap of faith and made dancing his full time occupation, pursuing his love for salsa.

In his early years of dancing Lee ran across Ana Tinajero, who came to be one his biggest inspirations in dance. In January 2005, Lee decided to take the opportunity to learn and grow with guidance from Ana and Joel Massicot by joining Masacote Dance Company, thus realizing they are still a big inspiration to his art of dance.

Maria Falcon was always drawn to music and dance from a very young age, and persued her musical endeavors by taking professional dance lessons from Lee. He quickly realized her dedication and talent and took her under his wing making her one of his new members in his Semeneya Dance Company. Maria is founder and director of the only kids dance company in San Antonio that focuses on salsa, Xaxabis Dance Company

In January of 2004 , Maria began dancing with Troy Anthony and Georgette Alocer, directors of Son Creole Latin Motions in New Orleans. The experience greatly enhanced her dancing and brought about many more opportunities for her to expand her dancing.

Maria met Ana in June of 2001 when she had only been dancing 3 months. Immediately Ana was an inspiration and deeply impacted the way that she would develop her dancing in the next few years. Though they never saw each other again until the L.A. congress in 2004, the first impression Maria had of Ana always stuck with her. Now with the invitation to join Masacote Entertainment, Maria has opened a new chapter in her life. Early on she always knew that if she could train with anyone, it would be Ana, so she joined the company in January 2005. Now with this opportunity, she hopes to take her musical endeavors to a new level -- not only developing her love for dance but also her passion for music as a whole.

Videos: Video clips available on the website

Michael Lozado & Janet Trotto: Biographies

Dance Company name: Karisma Dance Company (Janet)  
Web site address:  

Contact:- Michael -
Janet -



Michael Lozado lives in New Jersey and has been dancing on2 for only a year and a half which is hard to believe when you see the smooth and fluid way he dances.

He learned to dance on2 with Frankie Martinez and Johnny Matos of Abakua Latin Dance Company and intends to continue studying with Frankie.

He hasn't performed yet, but we don't think it will be long!

Janet Trotto was introduced to Victor Mayovanex , founder and director of Karisma Dance Company, in 2001 when he came to her college to give free salsa lessons. He picked her out of the large group of students and encouraged her to take classes at his studio. At the time she describes herself as extremely shy and found this to be a great opportunity to break out of that shell. That's when she fell in love with salsa. After several months of religiously attending class three times a week, she was invited to be a part of Karisma's new female student team, "Karisma Princesses" . Janet says "I would like to thank Victor for believing in me and motivating me to be the dancer I am now. Without him and the experiences with Karisma Dance Company, I would not be the dancer I am today.

On joining Karisma, Janet says "Our work was choreographed by none other than the sassiest salsera on the scene, Amanda Estilo, who had also recently become a part of Karisma's professional team. Once we finally acquired male partners, the student team became "Imagenes De Karisma." After a year of dancing with the student team, I was asked to train and perform with Karisma's professional team (while still performing with the student team). I would have to say that I have been most inspired by Amanda Estilo. She is a natural dancer-she has movement and flavor that comes from deep within. Her style is sexy, eye-catching and playful and I am grateful to have been one of her first students when she began teaching at Karisma. "

Janet has recently started performing with Shaka Brown and credits him with improving her technicality, body movement and follow.

She currently teaches ladies' styling at Karisma.




Oren Shoshan & Julia Gonzalez: Biographies

Dance Company name: Club Salsa  
Web site address:

Oren Shoshan is the Creative Director and Head Instructor of Club Salsa and Salsa Vibes Dance Companies. He is also a renowned professional salsa instructor, performer and choreographer from Toronto, Canada - a true centre for salsa with over 25 salsa nights.

With an athletic background that includes 12 years of competitive soccer and basketball, and a love of dance since childhood, Oren started dancing Salsa in 1996 at the age of 21, and within three years became the director of the Rumba Latina Dance Company, in Greensboro, USA.

In early 2001, Oren earned himself a national reputation, winning the professional division of the Berlin Nightclub Salsa Competition in Toronto, considered to be the most prestigious salsa competition in Canada.

Since arriving in Sydney in mid-2001, Oren has been a much sought after instructor, choreographer and performer, being invited to teach in numerous cities both in Australia and overseas. Demand for Oren's teaching has led him to travel all over Australia to Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle, and the Central Coast as well as to many cities within Canada, New Zealand and the USA. Within Sydney, Oren's impressive reputation as an instructor, performer and choreographer has seen him participate in the major events salsa has to offer. He was one of the very few national instructors asked to teach at Sydney's Salsa Congress 2005, Sydney Latin Fiesta 2003 and 2004, Brisbane Latin Festival 2004, as well as Bacardi Latino Festival and Darling Harbour Fiesta.

As an instructor Oren is known and respected for his highly specific and technical instruction. This is reflected in his distinctive style, which is characterized by complex turn patterns with smooth, elegant, sexy and funky body movement. It is also reflected in his students, who are known as smooth dancers, and are some of the most consistently sought after dancers on the dance floor.




Oren can be contacted on 0425 343 991 or by email.

Julia Gonzalez, born in Santiago, Chile, is one of Australia's most talented, flamboyant and sought-after dancers.

She currently shares her time between Sydney and Adelaide where she is principal performer, instructor and choreographer with Club Salsa and Latino Grooves respectively. Julia has collaborated with Salsa Vibes Dance Company and the Mambo Lounge, both prestigious dance schools based in Sydney.

Demand for Julia's abilities has seen her teach and perform at many major events such as Sydney Salsa Congress 2005, Sydney Latin Fiesta 2004, Latino Bacardi Festival 2004, Darling Harbour Fiesta 2004 and Brisbane Latin Festival 2004, just to name a few! Julia has also taught extensively around Australia, from Adelaide, Byron Bay, Brisbane, Canberra, Coffs Harbour and many more to come...

Julia is an incredibly versatile dancer, teaching both on '1' and '2', (for the record, she loves both!!!!) as well as enjoying many other styles such as Merengue, Cha Cha, Bachata and Rumba.

She is renown for her sensual and soulful styling and body movement, vibrant energy and charisma. Julia's area of expertise is SEXY ladies styling and dazzling spins!

When she is not burning up the dance floor; Julia teaches very popular weekly classes, as well as regular ladies styling workshops.

Whether she is dancing on '1' or on '2', Bachata or Rumba, it is clear this fiery Chilena has a passion for dance!!!!

To enquire about private lessons or shows, please contact Julia by email.

Juliette Freminet & Patrice Martial: Biographies

Dance Company name: Salsa A La Cubana

Web site address:

Contact:- Patrice - - Juliette

Cuban salsa

Patrice and Juliette are instructors, performers and choreographers specialising in Salsa-Casino/Rueda/Miami style on 1, with additional modern dances (jazz, hip-hop) and also classical dance, gymnastics, acrobatic rock, merengue, Afro-Cuban dance and son. They are based in the Paris area in France about 20 kms from the capital and are the founders and directors of the Salsa a La Cubana Association, which organises and develops activities around Cuban dances (courses, performances, salsa events etc.).

They have been involved in many performances in famous Paris salsa venues, as members of Santiago a Santa Clara band and as a couple. Juliette brings to her salsa the knowledge from her profession as a fitness instructor, specialising in Latin aerobics, stretching, fitsteps, and muscular reinforcement.

They began dancing in early 1998 and were fortunate to have the exposure to a rich variety of instructors in different salsa styles. Paris has many qualified instructors in Cuban salsa, son, Afro-Cuban, Miami, Puerto Rican, LA/NY and Colombian style and Patrice and Juliette have had lessons with them all! However their preference is Cuban style and they have developed a close sensual salsa style based on many arm hooks and knots where as a couple they are constantly interlaced without tension.

Videos: video clips to download

Rudsel Magdalena & Marysol Rodriguez: Biographies

Dance Company name: Salsation Dance Company  
Web site address:  

Contact: Rudsel -

Marysol -


Rudsel Magdalena was born in Curacao on 17th May 1969. His family moved to Aruba when he was one year old where he spent his next 17 years in the town of San Nicolaas, Aruba. When Rudsel turned 15 years of age, he began to master the art of break dancing, which sparked his dancing career. He joined the group called Pop City Breakers and gave shows all around the island. After two years of break dancing, Rudsel moved to Curacao for his studies, where he studied electrical engineering at MTS. In Curacao, he began to dance folkloric dances, and began to master the art of Latin dancing. By the year 1995, he was one of the best merengue dancers on the island.


In 1996, Rudsel got caught with the salsa fever. He saw a Dutch group called Crema Exotica, and they inspired him to start dancing salsa with more intensity. Rudsel teamed up with a spectacular dancer, Tibisay Goede, and entered the salsa championships in 1996, and ended up all the way to the last round of the championships at Keizershof in January of 1997.

After the big contest, Rudsel has represented his beautiful island many times in the world salsa congress in Puerto Rico in the years of 1997 and 1998 and performed on the same stage with many of the salsa greats such as Francisco and Johnny Vasquez, Salsa Brava and Angel Ortiz, attending World Salsa Congresses in places like Puerto Rico, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and Toronto. In addition, Rudsel has been invited as a special guest instructor to schools in the Netherlands on two occasions thus far.

Currently, Rudsel works as an instrument technician at ISLA refinery, and in 1999 started his own dance school, Salsation Dance Company!

Marysol Rodriguez was born on the little rhythmic island of Curacao in the middle of the Caribbean Sea; where life is "seriously easygoing". For as far as she can remember music and dance have been big parts of her life. Her culture itself is based on music and rhythms (their ancestors were African slaves and we all know what this has meant for today's music and rhythms) and so she has to thank her parents for passing on their musical genes.

Marysol has been singing since she was three years old and has taken ballet, jazz and tap-dance classes, also playing organ, flute and synthesizer. She grew up listening to Merengue, Salsa, Montuno, Bolero, Tumba, Tambu, Wals,


Mazurka and every other type of music and rhythm one can think of.
Curacao is a little island with inhabitants from all over the world. The population is a mixture of all races and so is the music. She says: " I'm very fortunate and extremely proud of being a "yu'i Korsou" (child of Curacao)."

She went through life dancing, but it was in august 1999 that a dear friend of hers showed her a different way of dancing Salsa (the so called L.A. Style). Up until then she had been dancing Salsa the "Curacao-style" (what we nowadays see as dancing with the "right foot forward on count 3"). Either way that day was a life changing moment and since then she just can't get enough of dancing Salsa.
What was her passion became her way of life.

The first dance group she joined was the Salsation Dance Group (Curacao, aug 1999 - jun 2000) under the leadership of Rudsel Magdalena. In august 2000 she returned to Holland for her apprenticeship and in January 2001, joined the Salsa Dance Squad (SDS). For 2 years she performed with this group both nationally and internationally increasing her love and passion for salsa. She then danced with Alma Rumbera Dance Company and Salsa Addicts Dance Company.

After some great years of having lived an intensive Salsa life in Europe, she was extremely happy to move back to her beautiful easygoing Curacao. Here she re-joined her original dance company- Salsation. She says "With very much admiration and appreciation for the many good dancers all across the world I'd love to share my passion with the world, never forgetting where I come from and always treasuring the different rhythms that are running through my veins."

Seaon "Stylist" Bristol & Nari Son: Biographies

Dance Company name: Nari - Salsain Academy  

Web site address: Seaon -

Nari -


Contact: Seaon



Seaon "Stylist" Bristol is one of the greats of salsa! He has trained as a Jazz, ballet, modern and hip hop dancer which has influenced his salsa and his famous styling but he says that it is mostly the music that tells him how to move.

He is one of the best all-around mambo leads in the world and his following is arguably just as good. This is because following was something he learned FIRST before he even learned to lead.

He says: "It just took my interest, and it seemed to be much more fun. I had been following for over a year before I learned how to lead..can you imagine? Hahahahaha... But Angel Rodriguez of Razz M' Tazz (who I was taking classes from at the moment) wanted me to teach, but said that I MUST learn how to lead if I wanted to teach, so I had no choice. To this day, I still enjoy following as much as I enjoy leading. For me it's all about the music and the person you are dancing with, regardless of whether you are dancing with a male or a female. I love it all, and I try to enjoy myself every time I dance." He is also a great jszz singer and has been spending some time building his music career.

Nari Son describes herself as a "100% Korean-blood dancer" SheI was a Korean traditional dancer, singer and actress in Korea, but after she was introduced to salsa she put all the talents and energy in to that, becoming a professional salsa dancer 2 months after she started learning salsa.




In 2002 she moved to LA teaching salsa to Latinos and doing TV shows in the city. She peformed and taught throughout the US including New York, Seattle, Salt Lake City and so on. When she moved back to Korea she started the biggest salsa academy in Korea, bringing many dancers from LA and NY. She wanted to improve the Korean salsa level. During this time she met Seaon "Stylist" and they started to work together. Since then she has been traveling all over the world to teach salsa including US, Iitaly, HongKong, Singapore, Japan etc with Seaon or by herself. She is the choreographer of Salsain dance company- the best salsa team in ASIA and also one of the Korea salsa congress organizers.

Salsain co.,Ltd:,Ltd is the company who are running Korea salsa congress which turned out to be the most successful congress within 3 years. It also has a big named-shoe brand "Mayan", which is making salsa shoes.

Videos: A Classic Mambo Level 1 - Footwork ; A Classic Mambo Level 1 - Partnerwork; A Classic Mambo Level 3 - Footwork ; A Classic Mambo Level 3 - Partnerwork; Spinning Vol I ; Spinning Vol II; A Classic Mambo Level 4/Advanced - Footwork; A Classic Mambo Level 4/Advanced - Partnerwork; A Classic Mambo Level 5/SUPER Advanced - Footwork; A Classic Mambo Level 5/SUPER Advanced - Partnerwork; Men & Ladies STYLING - Vol I; Men & Ladies STYLING - Vol II; A Classic Mambo
Best of Seaon 2005 - Footwork; A Classic Mambo Best of Seaon 2005 - Partnerwork

Video clip of Seaon and Nari

Sekou McMiller & Leah Patterson: Biographies

Dance Company name: Descarga Caribe  

Web site address:

NY home:

Chicago Satellite:



At the forefront of a new movement in Latin dance, Sekou's unique style has an Afro-Caribbean essence that is laced with many different dance techniques combined with an explosive energy. His dancing and choreographies have garnered him broad recognition worldwide. He has had a very diverse career as a Choreographer / Performer / Instructor ranging from performing off-broadway in Celia: the Musical and Afro-Tango to choreographing for Bravo TV, NUVO TV and Good Morning America. Also he has performed and choreographed for Top Latin artist such as Gilberto Santa Rosa, Willie Colon, Cheo Feliciano, Johnny Pacheco, Tito Rojas, Tito Nieves, PitBull, as well as the pop icon Madonna. Sekou has also worked with the Radio City Rockettes and has more than 14 years of instructing and performing at Latin dance conventions around the world and was a special guest performer for the United Nations. He is a Faculty member at Joffrey Ballet School, Alvin Ailey School, Peridance, and a Guest Faculty member of Broadway Dance Center.


Leah was born a double aquarian with a cancer rising in the year of the dragon. If you know even a little about astrology, you know a lot about her already.

She focused mainly on jazz, tap, and ballet in her younger years, though most of her dancing was done at house parties and clubs to classic Chicago House, Deep House, and Hip-Hop.

She attended Howard University for Chemical Engineering and there in DC is where she learned to dance "On1".

Shaka Brown is actually the first person she remembers who showed her "On2" and once she finally "got it", she fell in love with the feel of it. When she joined Descarga Caribeat it's inception, she was strictly a social dancer, dancing for joy and not for perfection. Accepting the invitation to the group changed Leah?s focus to intentionality. She considers her choreographed dancing uniquely expressing the choreographer's interpretation of a song within the framework of a unified presentation. It continues to be a joy and as a principal dancer in Descarga Caribe, she enjoys the challenge.


Her newest joys are choreographing and performing with Del Dominguez, fellow company member, on couple pieces.

Video: Sekou McMiller's
Body Movement & Isolations for Salsa/Mambo Dancing

Sharif Sprockel & Debbie Beaujon: Biographies

Dance Company name: Salsation Dance Company  
Web site address:  
Contact: Sharif-
Debbie -

Sharif Sprockel & Debbie Beaujon from Curacao in the Netherlands Antilles also dance with Salsation Dance Group along with Rudesl, Marysol, Jeff and Candice.

Sharif gives salsa lessons on1 and on2. Debbie is a professional singer and sings on different cruiseships in the caribbean area. Both of them also compete in salsa competitions and give couples lessons in salsa.




Troy Anthony & Maricza Valentin: Biographies

Dance Company name: Troy - Latin Motions

Maricza - Latin Rhythms Dance Company


Web site address: Troy -

Maricza -


Contact: Troy-

Maricza -



Troy Anthony together with Jorjet Alcocer of Latin Motions in New Orleans are known for creating "Creole Style Salsa" (an even mix of L.A./N.Y. Style w/ a Cuban presence). They have performed & taught at many events around the Globe. Troy is equally adept in leading & following On1 & On2 and utilizes that ability of lead & follow in his teaching structure. In June 2003 the Discovery
Channel aired an episode of this duo in teaching action. Troy has
accompanied several major Latin acts on stage in addition to several movie & video features. Troy is a 2004 West Coast Congress honoree (dancer/promoter) with 9 (Reality Style) Instructional DVDs & is always a big hit at all his workshops.

Troy has also choreographed several videos with Squeak Productions (Los Angeles) including: Eric Benet (Warner Brothers Records), "Why You Follow Me"; Outsiders, "Who are you"; and Eric Benet (Warner Brothers Records),"When you think of me". He has appeared in the following videos:"Rap-A-Salsa" by Palabra, Director: Jesse Felsot (1999);"Se Te Acabo La Rumba" by Maraca (2002) and "Voodoo Hoodoo" by Los Hombres Calientes.

Troy has won the following dance competitions:
Salsa champion U.S.B.D.A 2000, Baton Rouge, La. (Salsa)
2nd place U.S.B.D.A. 2000, Baton Rouge, La. (Cha-Cha)
Semi finalist Newport Cigarette Company -Rhythm Sound,Miami, Florida
1st place Stevens Steak House Salsa Contest, May 2001, Los Angeles, CA.

Maricza Valentin has been performing and teaching dance since 1988, and obtained her Bachelor's of Arts degree in Dance Performance, Teaching, and Choreography from Columbia College-Chicago in 1997. While at Columbia, she studied and taught Latin dance, Tap, Jazz, Ballet and her favorite at the time, Modern. She also pursued additional Latin and Ballroom training in 2001 from former US and World Cabaret Champions, Tommye Giacchino and Gregory Day.

In 1999, she realized one of her life's dreams and co-founded Latin Rhythms Dance Company. She then took it a step further in August of 2000, with the expansion of Latin Rhythms Dance Studio.




Today, she teaches & performs Latin dance locally and nationally. She says; "As much as I love dancing and teaching, I would have to say above all, choreography nurtures my soul more than anything. My ability to CREATE the passion I feel inside, and then to be able to share it with the rest of the world... nothing else compares!"

DanceInTime & Bailatina: Biographies


Web site address:

Contact: Victoria Hadar Harel:

Barbera Bernstein:


Christopher Rogicki:

Chris Allen

Maki Kato

Kayo Shinohara


Victoria Hadar Harel has performed, choreographed and taught Casino and Rueda de Casino in the U.S. and internationally. Based in NYC for several years, Vic-Hadar has taught at Salsa Congresses and run workshops in Scandinavia, The Mediterranean, and Canada as well as the U. S. Her dance group, "Bailatina" performed in many NY and NJ festivals, including "The Havana Film Festival" and "El Mamoncillo," a major annual Cuban event. "Bailatina" also participated with "DanceInTime" in a show at the MCI Center (a 20,000 seat arena) in Washington, D.C.

For several years, Barbara Bernstein has directed, a group that teaches and performs Latin, Salsa, and Rueda de Casino dancing. She has judged Salsa and Casino Rueda competitions in the U.S. (including the annual Rueda Congress Competition in Miami); and she has taught workshops and judged Rueda compeitions in Canada. Barb has also produced and performed in shows at venues such as the Kennedy Center, the MCI Center (a 20,000-seat arena) and many others etc. She writes articles on dance for magazines, "e-zines" and websites, and published a booklet on Latin dance. For her efforts, Barb was awarded D.C.'s 2004 "Women in Salsa" Award.

Christopher Rogicki has taught, choreographed, and performed at venues in the NY, NJ, and RI. He directed MEZCLA, the Latino Performing Arts group at Brown University and, with Erin Brandt, is co-founder of the SalsaTherapyDanceStudio in NYC.


Video Clip:


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